Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ECE Classroom

We had a great day!

Trenton had his first day this school year in the ECE classroom with Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Jenny! We are so happy that Trenton is able to go there on the days he is not in Terre Haute. Trenton's face beamed with joy when we pulled up to McEndree School today. I started showing him pictures of his classroom a few days ago and he would get excited. Unfortunately, he was up the majority of the night and I kept on trying to get him to go back to sleep by telling him he had a big day tomorrow. At one point, I made the mistake of showing him Mrs. Edwards classroom and he thought he was going right then. At 2:30 AM he was trying to put his shoes on while dragging me to the front door.  Thank goodness his fit to go didn't last long.

However, Trenton put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes when I saw his reaction. The second he realized what we were doing, he started making his "happy noises" and clapping.  I tried to take his picture because he was simply beaming!

While at school, Trenton did a great job repeating words, saying his numbers through 10, and tracing!

After school he had a really good therapy session with Alicia. She does a great job trying to teach him to say, "I'm right here" when he hears, "Trenton where are you?" She started working with him on this after he got lost on the 4th of July. Trenton actually repeated and said, "I'm right here" while working with her on that!

The boys also had OT and ST today and I am not exactly sure how it went. Nana and Grandma Great took the boys because I had my own appointment this morning in Effingham. Thanks so much ladies for taking the boys to ST & OT.

Here he is with Daddy and Mommy before school this afternoon.

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