Sunday, November 30, 2014

Andrew Praying

I make sure I pray with Andrew before he eats. I keep my prayer to a very simple 3-4 sentences for him so he would understand. He picked up on it right away and he always repeated after me. Well the past two days, Andrew doesn't need me to say anything. He knows what to say now so he does it all by himself. Click on the link below to see Andrew praying before lunch.

If you can't understand him, he says..."Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for my breakfast. Thank you for my family. Amen"

I have never said ,"Thank you for my breakfast." I taught him to say, "Thank you for my food." it is totally cute that he said breakfast:)

I will post a full update from our weekend tomorrow when I am not so tired.


  1. How adorable! My favorite part was "family". His speech has really improved. Way to go, Andrew!