Monday, November 17, 2014

Andrew's Words!!!

I am really thankful that Andrew is blessed with the ability to communicate! His communication and speech is really blossoming lately. I love the fact that I have a child that can talk. It's amazing and so much fun to listen to him talk. God is good!

Andrew is saying things lately that is cracking me up! On Friday he was trying to get in Nana's hall closet which is filled with stuff that he doesn't need to get into. Nana told him on Friday that the closet was full of items that he didn't need . Andrew stopped trying to open the door and said. "Thats private!"
I had no idea that he knew what the word private meant!

On Saturday morning Andrew and I  was playing with his train set. As we were playing he looked up at me, gave me a very confused look and said, "Mommy needs make-up." I fell over laughing! Mommy must look awful without makeup for a three year old to notice:)

I love his words!!! It is so much fun!

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