Friday, November 14, 2014

Bumper Sticker

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that hit my wrong nerve. Now don't get me wrong, in my life before autism I would have just read the sticker and never thought anything of it. Hence, having children with special needs puts a lot of things into perspective. I find myself examining both view points of almost everything and making it very clear how some things are just down right wrong in this world.

When I tell you what the bumper sticker said, most of my readers will probably think I am nuts and that I need to take a big "chill pill".  However, if you have struggled for the past four years to help your child who has a disorder where he can't and I mean CAN'T control his behavior because his brain does not allow him to....and while giving your heart and soul to your child you still get hit at, kicked at, hair pulled, scratched at. All the while you find yourself up many nights and going on very little sleep while keeping up with the Energizer Bunny who stops at nothing to climb on every piece of furniture in your house because his body has to keep on moving due to the horrible movement disorder he has. ( We barely escaped a severe injury yesterday due to pulling a whole dresser over on himself) On top of all of this, you have said, "No" countless times but your child's body doesn't allow him to follow that command....DOES NOT ALLOW!!! It's not that he just isn't following your command.......HE SIMPLY CAN'T! He can't follow your command because he hears sounds that the neuro-typical person can't, his body doesn't filter out the environment like a neuro-typical person does, every time he looks at something its another picture in his head and he can't filter it out like a neuro-typical person does so he has 1000 things going on every second in his head!

I don't need to mention that I have to stand over him when he is pooping or its all over my walls and furniture. Therefore, if I am simply putting in a load of laundry while he is pooping in his diaper I can miss my chance to save me from poop all over my house. No, its not a child just being onry...its autism. He has no proper behavior because he is UNALBE to.

So, what did the bumper sticker say you ask? It said, "My dog behaves better than your child."

My opinion is...If a person puts that on their car then I am sure they are one of those people that look at a child who is misbehaving in public and thinks, " That child needs a good spanking and better parenting skills from his/her parents." I am sure this person never thinks that the child might have autism or some other kind of mental health disorder that takes over how their brain works. Its very downgrading to moms like me!

I see no difference in a bumper sticker like that than a bumper sticker who is making fun of the way a person looks due to their disability or making fun of the way someone walks due to their disability, etc. Its just frustrating!!! This world needs a lot more education on mental health disorders! PERIOD!

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  1. Oh my. You were not out of line to be offended by that bumper sticker. Some people need to walk in your shoes for a single day. Heck, a single hour!