Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew

Happy 3rd Birthday!!! I can not believe you are three already! Seriously, where does the time go?? It seems like you should still be my little baby. I look at you each and every day and you amaze me at how big you are getting. You are still my baby and always will be but you are not looking like a baby anymore and it makes Mommy sad.

I am so proud of you Andrew! You, just like your brother, are a very strong little boy. Life has sure been rough for you in your short life but you work so hard. You have made tremendous progress the past year. I am beyond proud of you!

The past year has been rough for you. However, when I look at where you were a year ago...it is amazing to see the progress you have made. A year ago we knew something was wrong. We knew something was just not right. This past spring we got the answer that you had mild autism. We started you in therapy with some of the best therapist I know! Mommy went from a warrior mom of one boy with autism to a warrior mom of two boys with autism. It has not been easy by no means to manage you and your brother but I wouldn't trade it for the world!! Mommy has prayed over and over for you and your brother. God is answering my prayers in many different ways.

There are so many people in our community that is praying for you and your success every day! We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for our family, friends, community, church, churches in our community, therapist, teachers, coaches, and many other people. We are so lucky to have them cheering us on our journey Andrew!

I love everything about you Andrew! I love the way you say my name. I love the way you love your brother! I love the way you want me to kiss your "owees". I love the way you talk. I love the way you sing songs.  I love the way you can name all the trains on Thomas and Friends, all the cars on CARs, all the planes on Planes, and all the characters on VeggieTales. You are so smart!!
I love the way you run up to me saying "Mommy carry." I love the way you like to rock with me. I love the way you kiss and hug me!  I love the way you ask to go to Nana's house everyday. I love the way you love to play with Lincoln.  I love the way you play with your toys. I could just sit and look at you play all day long. I love the way you invite me to play with you. A year ago you wouldn't of done that and now you want us to play with you. Wow...you are making progress!! Keep it up Andrew Joseph!

If I could make your life easier for you, I would! You know Mommy would do anything for you. I have shed many of tears over you. There is nothing that I want more than to you to have an easier life.  I pray that you keep up the good fight. Always hold God's hand in life and he will take care of you and make your life much much easier!

God blessed us as mother and son. As I have told you a thousand times....God sure knew what he was doing when he put us together:)
I love you Little A more than you know!
Hugs and Kisses!!

Pictures of Andrew growing up the past three years

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  1. Happy birthday Andrew! As you may see, your mom is proud of you. I wish you a long and happy life!