Monday, November 10, 2014

I need a doctor!

Last Thursday Andrew was not happy when Trenton went to the doctor. I talked to Andrew about doctors for a while and I informed him that he was going to the doctor next week for his 3 year check up. He has had doctor on his mind non-stop.

With that said, last Friday night Andrew and Trenton got in a fight. As always Andrew came running up to me for me to kiss his "owee." Mommy kissed the owee several times and he was still crying hard. All of a sudden behind his tears he screams, " I need a doctor!"

On Saturday night Andrew was running and fell down. When he fell down he bit down on his lip. Once again he was crying hard. Mommy was holding him and kissing his "owee" to make it feel better. Once again behind the tears he screams, " I need a doctor."

On Sunday, Andrew was playing in the front room. He was running too hard and tripped and fell. Once again he was crying and Mommy was kissing his "owee". Just like the previous two experience's, Andrew cries out, " I need a doctor."

If Mommy took him to the doctor every time he thinks he needs a doctor...I'd really be broke!!

Too cute Andrew!! I love your language. I am so proud of you!

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