Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Occupational therapy

I wanted to share some of Trenton's work from OT last week.

In the first picture he traced his name. His therapist wrote his name in a yellow highlighter. Trenton traced his name after she wrote it. I am super impressed!!! On some days he can't even hold a pencil and on some days he can do this!!! Autism is such a strange disorder. On the days where he has lower sensory problems, he can do this!!

In this picture he followed the curved the lines and he did hand over hand writing his name with his therapist.

Good Job Trenton!!! I am so proud of you! We love days with lower sensory and body problems because it truly shows what you can do!

We have had some AWESOME occupational therapists the past two years!! We love them and all of  their hard work and effort they have put in the past two years!

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