Friday, December 5, 2014

11 Teeth!

It's been a rough two days. It's been so rough I don't even really want to talk about it. Therefore, I will give you the quick version.

Trenton had a rough day at an appointment he had in town on Thursday afternoon. He simply can not handle new environments and new people on some days. Unfortunately, I am getting accustomed to talking over Trenton's screams to health care workers. I am getting accustomed to being hit at, shoved away, and kicked at by my own child. Our traumatic appointment on Thursday was nothing compared to what he went through today.

Trenton, Mommy, and Nana left at 3:50 AM and headed to Belleville because Trenton had dental surgery. Trenton was upset from the time we stepped foot in the hospital. You know its bad when a hand full of nurses don't even take his blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and all the other levels they needed because he wouldn't let them. Everyone seemed terrified of him.  A 4 year old with autism is way too strong for grown adults when his adrenaline is pumping faster than a speeding bullet. That is scary! It terrifies me for the future and the future is very quickly approaching!

He had 11 teeth worked on. 11 TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me feel like the worst mother ever. He can't just have autism.....he has to have severe sensory problems to where I can't brush his teeth anymore because he is too strong for me. One of these days he is going to knock out my teeth while I am just attempting to brush his teeth...NO JOKE!

Well, we survived. It wasn't pretty but we survived. He was a brave boy. He was fantastic on the way home. Once we got in the car to go home he said, "jelly bread." He loves bread with jelly on it. Mommy couldn't get to a gas station fast enough to buy bread and jelly. I may not be able to comfort him in situations where most mothers get to comfort their child but I sure can buy him bread and jelly and make him happy that way!

He calmed down right before they took him back for surgery when they gave him his hat. He loved it!!

My happy boy eating bread and jelly on the way home!

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  1. 11 teeth? Whoa! No wonder he’s hysterical over the procedure. I’m sorry to hear about what the two of you went through in this experience. Don’t be harsh on yourself, Angela. In fact, be proud for staying strong. At the very least, he's sure to take good care of his permanent teeth, once they grow back. I hope his following dental visits won’t be anything like this. I wish you all the best for the future. Stay strong!

    Jolanda Warren @ Buckhead Dentistry