Friday, December 12, 2014


We have had to say a few goodbyes already. One of the people we had to say goodbye to was Alicia. Alicia was our in home ABA therapist. She has worked with Trenton for over a year and a half. She traveled one hour-one way to get to us from where she lived once a week. She was phenomenal with Trenton!!!
I knew when I first met her in the spring of  2013 that she was a perfect fit for Trenton. She LOVED what she did for a living and you could see it through her interaction with Trenton and Andrew. She made great strides with Trenton over the course of her time. She became like family to us. She helped me with many questions I had regarding his IEPs and all the other questions I had about autism in general. We are so sad to say goodbye to her. However, if and when our lives call us back to Illinois, guess who is on my call list??? Alicia!
Thanks for the wonderful memories and thanks for being a huge role in Trenton's success Alicia! We miss you already!!

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