Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dentist & Doctor

I keep telling myself that taking Trenton to the doctor and dentist has to get better sometime. But, its simply not getting better yet. In fact, it keeps on getting worse.

I knew Friday was going to be a rough day. Trenton had a dentist appointment at 9:30 followed by a doctor appointment with his developmental pediatrician. Trenton's dental appointment was a check up. The dentist simply wanted to look in his mouth and make sure everything was fine since his surgery two weeks ago. I told Trenton repeatedly that we were on our way to the dentist. Of course, he doesn't look at me and never responds so I have no clue if he knows what I am telling him or if he understands it. But I do it anyway. Honestly, I think he hears me but he does not have the ability to really think about what I am telling him and is unable to prepare himself.

The car ride went rather smoothly all the way to O'Fallon. Once I got about a half mile from the dentist office, Trenton knew exactly where we were headed. He started crying, fussing, shaking his body from one side of the car seat to the other, and was trying to undo his belt so he could get out of his seat. It was one of those moments where nothing I could do would calm him. Therefore, we made a dramatic entrance into the office. Trenton was screaming with huge tears rolling down his cheeks while I was forcing him into the door. I tried three times to let go of his hand to sign his name in but he was out the door before I even put the pen to the paper.
When I find myself in situations like these, I forget all common courtesy and politeness. For example, I know right where the treats are for the kids. The heck with asking nicely if I can have some for him, I just walk where I am not suppose to and grab them. Of course I get the looks from the staff and I know they are thinking, "Did that mother just do that?" I give them my look back that says, " Yes I did that and I will keep on doing it if I have to. Wanna trade me spots and see what you would do? I don't have these sweat pits under my shirt for nothing in the dead of winter!"

Our name finally gets called. We walk into the dental room and get started. I'm sure the sounds from Trenton's dental room portrays to the outsiders that we are brutally killing someone. It took three adults to hold him down for the dentist to simply look inside his mouth. Have you ever seen a movie where a patient is strapped to a bed in a mental ward that is trying to escape from his straps? You know....where they are twisting their body, raising their backs, hands, and head trying with all their might to escape the chains while they are trying to bite the person standing nearby them and spitting everywhere? Well, that was my son on Friday. I had to be one of the adults to help hold him down. Why in the world do places make the mother help in this task???
After the traumatic experience, the dentist looks at me and says, "You have to go through that just to brush his teeth?"
I replied with a quick, "yes."
She says, " Well you need to see if you can have some people at your house to help you every night because he needs his teeth brushed daily."
I kinda laughed and said, " Well calling for back-up every night just isn't possible."

We survived....not without some more scars but we made it through.

Next, it was on to Dr. Twyman at Cardinal Glennon. Since Trenton put up a good fight for over 30 minutes, it completely exhausted him. He took a nap from O'fallon to Cardinal Glennon. Once we arrived at the doctors office, his anxiety shot through the roof and once again he was fussing and crying. Luckily, this time I got him to calm down in the waiting room. However, that ended once his name was called back. The struggles continued again. Three different people tried to get his blood pressure but everyone failed. His fight was too strong for grown adults.

The majority of this appointment was Mommy talking to the doctors about his progress, sensory problems. hyperactivity and impulsive behavior, communication, and anxiety problems. Dr. Twyman said what I have said all along that his anxiety is driving him to be extremely hyper and impulsive. When he is at any other place other than home, he manages his anxiety good. It appears to others that he is managing himself well, but he really isn't. He works hard on shutting things out and is not able to filter out everything which leads to wild, hyper, and impulsive behavior at home. When he is home he is more relaxed so he releases from his day. Neurotypical people do this too....we do it by watching TV, having a cup of coffee, reading a book, or just whatever makes you feel good. Trenton is not able to unwind from his day like a normal person can so he goes wild.
The doctor decided to increase his anxiety medicine to see if it helps. She thinks Trenton is a case where he is going to need a lot of different medicine to help his anxiety, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. However, due to his age, we are just trying to see if we can get anywhere with just one medicine for that particular area of his autism. We will take it and see how he does on a higher dose.

All in all, our Friday was a very rough day. As always I ask myself..." Will it ever get better?"

Sleeping from dentist to doctor. He sucked on his blanket till he fell asleep.

He rarely lets me snuggle him. When he was calm waiting for his name to be called at Dr. Twymans office, he let me snuggle him. Of course, I had to take our picture. 

 His DVDs are his securities the past few weeks. He takes them everywhere and lines them up. Its his way of making himself feel better and secure when he isn't at home. Here are his DVDs at the doctor....

These are from therapy earlier in the week. He placed one in every seat. It was a good thing we were the only ones in the waiting room.


  1. Sounds like a emotionally draining experience not only for you but for your son.
    I have yet to take both my boys to the dentist because I fear this very outcome.
    Right now we're looking for a dentist that is familiar working with special need kids.
    You're a brave mom to tackle the dentist and doctors office all in one day.

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