Friday, December 19, 2014

ECE Classroom

Yesterday afternoon we had Trenton's Christmas party in his ECE classroom. As always, Mommy attended and Nana went this time too. We had a great time watching Trenton at his party. However, we had to say goodbye to them too. Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Jenny have been Trenton's ECE teacher and paraprofessional the past two school years. They have been fantastic with him! I can't brag enough about these two ladies. We have been very blessed to have had them impact his life like they have.  They both LOVE what they do for a living and it truly shows when are they around Trenton and the other children.

 Since special education was my major in college, I have a lot of knowledge on IEPs and what I want on my child's IEPs, etc. Again, I can't brag enough about Mrs. Edwards and how she would take to heart what I wanted for Trenton and did what she could to make it happen. The children in Flora that attend her class are very lucky. She not only had a great influence on our time with her but I know she does everyone who has her. We will miss them greatly and I know Trenton will too! He loved and looked forward to Mrs. Edwards class every Wednesday and Thursday.
Thanks so much ladies for allowing Trenton in your classroom the past two years!

Christmas party pictures!
He got a gift from his teachers!
 Playing a cute snowball game!

 Trenton's amazing team at the ECE classroom! We will miss you ladies.

For the record, Trenton did a great job hugging everyone goodbye yesterday at Olney and his classroom. He even hugged his was so cute!

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  1. I am bleseed have been a part of Trentons journey so far. I have enjoyed witnessing his amazement and wonder of this world. I wish your family this best. Trenton is very blessed to have such a loving a devoted family. Miss Jenny and I fought back tears the last day. We are excited to see what Trenton can show this world. I believe that his family will help solve some of the largest pieces of the Autism puzzle. May God continue to bless and guide you all!