Wednesday, December 3, 2014

God's Plan

Don't you ever sit and wonder how you got to where you are today? Or do you ever ask yourself questions like...If only I would have done that? I am sure we all think about these type of things often in life. I do a lot of thinking about the boys....about what life would be like if they didn't have autism. Then those thoughts lead me to think about my prayers and what I pray for daily.....then I think about how God is answering them but not like I would have wanted him to but he is. Most of the time he answers them in a way I never would of imagined.

Then I can't help but think about God's plan. He has a plan and its all for a reason. Sometimes if you put the pieces together in your life, you can see God's plan very clearly. God opens doors for each and every one of us and it depends on how we open or close his door as to how we get our answer. Most of all, we have to have a good relationship with him to see the clear picture.
I'm not saying we have to like his plan. I have found out first hand that His plan is different than our plan. However, there is beauty in His plan. Beauty that you would have never seen before if you didn't open the door to his offer.

I know all too well that God's plan for some of us, like my family, is nothing but heartache. It's a plan of learning how to hold back your tears daily because this earthly life just hurts. Once you think you are really getting use to your "new normal" than a wave of emotions take over and you hurt worse than you have ever felt for your children. Nonetheless, behind those tears, heartaches, and depression; there is beauty and joy!

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