Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our Saturday

It must have been a combination of a full moon and Trenton's dental surgery because it was an awful night last night. Trenton still has many nights where he is up and roaming in the night wide awake destroying the house. However, its been awhile since both boys have been up for consecutive hours at the same time. First, Trenton bolted out of bed at 12:20 AM running laps in our house like he was getting ready for a marathon. We were awake til 2:30 AM by ourselves until Andrew decided to join us. The three of us were awake til both boys fell asleep at 4:30 AM. Nonetheless, it was short lived because Trenton bolted out of bed again running laps in the house preparing for that marathon at 5:35 AM. Oh the joys of autism.......

Mid-morning we tried to take the boys to music therapy. However, Trenton was having none of it. We walked into the building where music therapy always happens and he started crying.(It's also the same building where he had his appointment on Thursday that went bad.)  He cried the big, huge crocodile tears while trying to say words. He wanted to leave. My heart just crumbled and Mommy started crying. Its just been too much pain for me and Trenton the previous two days and I crumbled this morning. It hurts to watch your child struggle in this life.  I can't even image what his body felt like. I know what my body felt like the month of August when I was having repeated panic attacks so I can't even fathom what its like living in his body.
I didn't let him suffer long. Mommy and Trenton left while Daddy and Andrew stayed for music therapy.

We ended our Saturday on a good note. The boys got to see Santa. Andrew sat on his lap really well. Trenton would not unless I stood by him so Mommy got in Trenton's picture.

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  1. This Santa was the best! We quietly explained as we were trying to get Trenton to sit on his lap that he had severe autism. I don't know how much "Santa" understood about autism, but he was so kind and patient with our little guy!!!!