Sunday, December 14, 2014


I look at the above picture  and I just want to cry. Trenton looks so peaceful and precious. One would never think that this picture was taken at 6:06 AM when he finally fell back asleep this morning after being up the majority of the night. You can't tell from this picture that he put me through the wringer all night last night. No one can tell from the picture that his body could not quit one can tell that just hours before this picture was taken he had the strangest noises coming from his mouth. It was a very different verbal stim than he has ever had before. You can't tell from the picture he cried and had a huge meltdown the last hour before he went to sleep. He wanted to sleep but his body and mind would not let him.  The picture does not show Trenton flapping his hands for an extended period of time which he did last night while verbal stimming. It is the first time I witnessed Trenton flapping his hands in over a year.  And oh how can I forget his DVD fetish he has again and it was out of this world last night. He has a few favorite DVDs and he wants to watch the first two minutes...then I have to take out the DVD.... put it back in and let him watch the first two minutes again.....and this gets repeated over and over and over and over and over.......

Pictures can speak a thousand words but sometimes they hide a thousand words.

I saw this pin and fell in love with it!! Its the truth!!!!
You might be an autism parent if...


  1. Hi, I am following you on email, but wanted to come over to your blog to post a comment. Perhaps there is a way to write you by email too? I feel, I mean FEEL for your rough night. Oh, how many of those I have had with my precious non verbal asd son, Josiah John. I agree 100 percent with you that therapy is amazing and it reaches into their world like nothing else, but I also wanted to encourage you with my testimony of bio medical with Jojo too. We started bio medical to heal Jojo's gut a year ago in October. Dr. Noah of Noah's Ark has been our consulting doctor. Amazing, knowledgeable Christian doctor. He gently helped me to get Jojo off dairy and then off gluten and soy and gmo while adding micro flora, B12, etc. I noticed that Jojo slowly began to "slow down" in the middle of the nights. He was still wide awake most nights from 3am to 8am, but he was not so jittery and silly. Then, after a few months (with 7mg of melatonin per night) he started to sleep until 5am (going to bed at midnight) and on Feb 15th, my birthday, I awoke after the first 8 hour sleep I had had in 3 years. God told me that morning that He was giving me a gift. Jojo has been sleeping every night since (with the many exceptions! about 2-3 nights a month we have our 3am dance...) I also gained weight through all of this- 35 pounds. I am with you, sister. Just some thoughts. I know switching to gluten free is tough, but now, if Jojo has the smallest amount of gluten, we dance at 3 am. Just a thought for you to pray about. May God still Trenton's precious body and give both of you the long desired rest you long for. Blessings! Sarah Urich

  2. My heart goes out to you, I can't even imagine. Although I don't know you personally I have been reading your blog here and there. Wish I knew what to say, all I can do is offer to pray for you and your son. My prayer is that Trenton's body would be able wind down at night and allow him to rest through the night and that God would pour His strength into you.
    One other thing... I've never used them but I do have some friends who swear by essentials oils and how they calm their kiddos down.