Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Update

Well, our Thanksgiving break had some good moments and some fairly rough moments. We stayed home the majority of Thanksgiving Day.  We did go to my cousin's for a short while in the afternoon. We went after all the chaos of twenty plus people loading their plates with food. This way we avoided all the glasses of tea everywhere for Trenton to pull and dump and all the dishes of food for him to grab and dump. Anyway, we went for a short time and he managed it well. I chased Trenton and followed him around majority of the time. Nana and Pop helped to follow him around as well. We had a few close calls with some breakables but we escaped without breaking anything and no tantrums the short time there...YAY!!!

The next day we had a nice short visit from Taylor and her Mommy! Taylor was a trooper around the boys!!

On Saturday evening, I took the boys to see the Olney Christmas lights in the park with the help from Nana and Pop. The boys loved the lights. Trenton even looked out the van and seemed to enjoy them! It made me so happy that he was noticing and looking!!! Of course, we got our picture taken by some of Andrew's favorites!

After the lights, we went for some of the Olney Christmas parade. The boys loved it!!! Trenton sat in the stroller. He really was not wanting in the stroller. He did not have the patience or capability of just sitting in the stroller and waiting for the parade to start. Therefore, I got some much needed exercise and I strolled him up and down the street until the parade started. I was worried at first that we wouldn't even be able to stay at all because he was not wanting to stay in the stroller. However, I am very thankful he managed to stay for some of the parade. Trenton was so excited at the parade he almost turned over the stroller shaking his body in excitement while clapping his hands and making his exciting noises. It was adorable! Trenton and I had lots of stares from others standing close to us, as it was obvious to them he had something wrong with him.  They were not the usual looks I am used to, however. They were more sympathetic.
It was hard work to keep him contained at the parade. Anything like that is not relaxing. However, when we make it through without a huge scene or's all worth it. Nonetheless, he did have too much stimulation and did not go to bed till 11:30 that night.
Andrew enjoyed the lights and parade! Andrew was wanting to go to a parade since he watched a small part of the Macy's Day Parade on TV. He kept on saying, " I want parade." So I was very happy that we were able to take him to a parade on Saturday!

Trenton had a rough Sunday. He was not happy for most of the day. He wouldn't go to Sunday School class. I always have to battle him for that but this past Sunday was the worst it had been......nothing is easy....not even going to church!
 By mid afternoon he was uncontrollable. It was a very rough Sunday afternoon and evening. Schedule change and holiday stimulation is just too much for Trenton.

When he isn't running and destroying everything lately, he just simply likes to look at his DVDs and socks. It is sad really...... I would love to just watch him play with toys by himself and not look at socks and DVDs.

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