Sunday, December 14, 2014


Autism is a losing battle. Autism almost always win. When Trenton is "doing good" to others, he really isn't.....or it just means we are "in for it" later. It is always like this. Trenton appeared to be doing excellent yesterday but he was doing nothing but getting his body over stimulated. It's the wee hours in the morning and we have only slept two hours since 5 AM Saturday morning. He has way too much going on in his body. His heart hasn't stopped racing at the speed of a bullet since we arrived home yesterday. His body has only stopped for the few hours that he slept. His impulsive behavior is simply put it....its a bad night. I know it's from being over stimulated. And we wonder why I have gained 25 pounds the last two years....stress, sleep deprivation and medicine. AND WE WONDER WHY I HATE THE HOLIDAYS. It's nothing but more stress and even more hours awake than what I am already.

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