Saturday, December 13, 2014

Uncle Brent

Uncle Brent was here today. We won't be able to see him this Christmas so he came today to give the boys their Christmas gifts.  Everyone was able to go to Nana and Pops house and see Uncle Brent and Mallory. Trenton had a very good day. Today was the longest he has stayed at Nana's house for a very long time. I was very proud of him. Normally he can only stay around 1-2 hours there but today he stay the majority of the afternoon. Great job Trenton! Mommy is very proud of you!!
Of course, Andrew loved it and didn't want to go guess where he is staying tonight???

 The boys loved their gifts from Uncle Brent. Andrew immediately said, "Cars Motorcycle!"
So far Andrew is very possessive of his's Andrew's gift and he is for sure going to tell you that it is his gift and not yours!!!

Andrew with Uncle Brent
 Andrew with Uncle Brian
 Andrew with Aunt Mindy

 Andrew with Grandma Great

 Mommy and her boys. (Daddy was at work)
 My two favorite brothers and their better halves!
 The boys were done with pictures at this point....this is the best one that I got of Nana and Pop with their grandsons.

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