Friday, January 30, 2015

Two Favorite Sensory Items in Our House

The boys love their ball pit. It's full of balls and letters! Trenton especially loves the letters in it. The ball pit is a good sensory break for him!

 The peapod is a great sensory break for him too! He uses it a lot when he is in his period of needing hugs, squeezes, and pressure in order to feel his body. The peapod snuggles him and makes him able to feel his body!
 I love the way he fell asleep tonight!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I've learned since being an autism mom

Not very many people can say that their children are their heroes. I was fortunate enough to give birth to both of my heroes. No superstar, sports star, or any kind of star can even come close to giving my heroes a run for the money. My heroes have molded me into the person I am today. Since I gave birth to my heroes they have taught me many things every day. It by no means has been an easy lesson but I would like to share a few things that I have learned since being an autism mom.

1.The true meaning of love. Any one can say they love you. However, its the act behind the words that count. There is an indescribable feeling that you feel when you want to help the ones you love. I thought I knew what love was until I laid eyes on my boys. Then, I really knew and understood the meaning of love when their disabilities took over our lives. My life focus was my children and what I could do to love them and make their life better.
2. There is no such word as selfish. Raising two boys with autism does not allow me to ever think about what I want. The focus is always them. Before my boys I was an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, I enjoyed watching T.V, I enjoyed exercising, I loved to travel and relax. I am none of those anymore. Would it be nice? Yes I suppose but its not what I want. I want a successful life for my boys. In order to provide them that, I have had to forget about my wants and spend every minute on their needs.
3. A good nights sleep is something to never take for granted again. I can't remember the last time I slept for four hours consecutive.  Both of my boys have sleeping issues and they can't help it. I will never take for granted the pleasure of sleep!
4. I am a member of an elite club! Their is a special bond with every autism mother. It doesn't matter where I am, if I get the pleasure of running into another autism mom, it's as if we have known each other for years. There is no holding back information. We talk about everything from poop smears to our children running up to complete strangers and rubbing a woman's legs because they are freshly shaved. We talk about the times our children run up to strangers tables at a restaurant or park and drink out of their drinks.  We talk about the tears we have shed and how its destroyed our marriage. In reality, we aren't strangers. After all, we are members of an elite club.
5. I have learned how to fight and advocate for my children.  After all, I am raising a child who can't voice what he wants. He can't tell the world how he suffers every day. No one will, except for his parents and loved ones. I have heard multiple times since being on my journey how people thought autism was just the inability of being able to communicate. WOW!  How wrong is that?!? There is soooo much more. Who is going to educate people on that? No one will. You have to fight for your child!  You have to educate others on your child's disability. Every child on the spectrum is completely different.  In a sense, each child has their own unique disability. Who will be their voice if they don't have one? YOU!
6. I have learned what the true meaning of friendship and family is. My family wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our family and friends. Unfortunately, raising children with autism requires more than just the parents. Temple Grandin's mother said, "It takes a village to raise a child with autism." No words spoken were ever so true.
7. Therapist, teachers, and coaches become your family. I have worked with several therapist and coaches now for three years! I can't believe it has been that long. However, where would I be if it wasn't for all of them? I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them that work with my boys daily. I am forever indebted to them and what they have accomplished with my boys. In my eyes, you are my adopted family and I love each and every one of them!
8. I know how to be "mentally tough". It's hard but I have to be mentally tough everyday. There is no time to "slack off" even if my body needs it. I know how to turn my game face on in the hardest of situations.
9. I learned to not give myself a choice. I have heard various times from individuals, " I don't know how you do it." Well, I give myself no choice. I don't choose between A or B. If B is what needs to be done, then I do it.  Sure, my body needs a lot more sleep. Heck yeah, I am exhausted and beat up at the end of the day but I keep going because I have no choice. It's my children....there is no choice!
10. I've learned to hide my pain. I do believe that times heals all wounds in most circumstances. Some wounds take a much longer time to heal. But does the wound heal when the wound is always open? I'm not sure. The pain of autism is always there and it never goes away. So how do you heal? How do you deal with your pain? You have two choices. You can either hate the world and everything that your life has been given or you can appreciate what your life is, smile and love, and hide your pain.
11. Children with disabilities are angels indisguise.  They are sent here to make us better people. Its our choice on how we respond to them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love Harsha!

I had the pleasure this morning of staying at Harsha after I dropped the boys off and reviewing the boys' binder with their paperwork. After I did that I watched the boys interact with their coaches. I absolutely love watching the boys in therapy sessions. I, as their mother, can watch and learn from their coaches and therapist and try things at home. All I can say after this morning is that I LOVE THAT PLACE! I already knew I did but it was a nice reminder this morning after a very rough week last week and weekend. God sure does answer prayers!
Thank you Harsha for everything that you do for my boys!

Lines & Words

Trenton made a line last night. It made me smile:) He hasn't made a line in a long time.....I kinda miss them.

Also, he is doing lots of spelling again! He went through a long period where he didn't spell either. I'm happy to see his words again!

Monday, January 26, 2015


This past weekend felt like the inferno.  It felt like we were trapped in a situation that just kept on getting worse and worse. It was one of those times I just stopped and asked myself, "Am I getting Punk'd?"
 I will not bore you with every tiny detail. I do, however, wish I had someone video taping the whole entire weekend. about some good education on life with autism.....that video would have been it.

It's one thing for me to post about all the great accomplishments the boys are doing these days. But let me tell you something, those successes are much fewer than the "reality" of living with autism. On most days I could have 20 different topics that I could blog about. But, I don't! I pick one and post about that topic with maybe a few side things here and there. At the end of the day after I publish my post, I almost always second guess if I chose the correct things to "educate" the world on.  On some days I can't choose. All 20 plus outlandish things that happened in our day were blog worthy. In the end, I try to blog about what I might want to remember years from now.

Like I mentioned earlier, I won't give you every detail of the weekend. If I did, I think it would turn into my longest post ever. To give you the quick run through the weekend was like this....a sick mommy who thought she was getting over the flu but wasn't....she only got sicker as the weekend went on....then she got a bladder infection...could not take care of her children she was so sick....was going on NO sleep for a week straight.... ended up going to the ER to get some quick relief of her bladder pain so I could get my boys to Harsha on Monday morning. Now, why do I want to post about my sickness? Well, its not to tell you how awful the flu is this year because if you have had it, you already know that. It's not sympathy....that is no where close to my intentions of my blog. That is not my personality. Instead,  my intentions are the same thing as this whole entire blog is for and that is to educate you.

To be honest, it hit me this weekend and it hit me hard! I wasn't just hit by the flu bug and the bladder infection pest. I was hit with a huge reality check. A check that wasn't wrote out for a thousand dollars but instead it was wrote out for a thousand fact! THE FACTS THAT AUTISM LEAVES!

I have heard my mother say several times in her life that its just not awful to have sick children but its awful when your sick as a mother. She is right! There is a good hand full of people who read my blog who are mothers. Many of you are special needs moms, and many of you are moms to neurotypical children. I am sure the mothers to neurotypical children would say that it is hard to take care of your children when you yourself are very sick. Mothers are not suppose to be sick. We are have our innocent children to take care of. My mother said she would tell my older brother that she was sick and to watch me and my younger brother while she rested on the couch. I am sure that is what most mothers do with their neurotypical children. But what do autism moms do?!? We can't do this? If we did this, one or both of our children would end up dead or severely injured.

I had that reality check last winter when I was sick with pneumonia for two weeks. I had this reality check again this weekend. I literally could not take care of my boys. I tried telling Andrew over and over at 4:30 AM Sunday morning when he was up for the day that Mommy was sick. This meant nothing to him. He laughed at me being sick, he pulled my hair, head butted me, pinched me all over body, climbing all over me, and wanted nothing but my undivided attention. I was doing my best to take care of him because my mother had been up with Trenton the entire night and just went to bed herself at 4 AM. I was crying I was so sick and my child just laughs at me. Earlier in the night I was in bed sick as a dog and all I could hear was Trenton running wildly all over the house making his screeching noises.
I now live in a town where I only know the people at Harsha. I now live in a town with no family to help us. That's scary!

As I was laying on the couch Sunday morning feeling half dead and half alive, I watched my boys as Nana, Pop, and Daddy (before he left for work) chased after them. I saw the tiredness in my parents faces. I saw the stress in their bodies. I watched my boys run past me not caring that their Mommy didn't feel good. I watch Trenton take off his clothes and run around the house naked which is a normal occurrence in our household the past month. I watched Andrew go in panic mode when Trenton touched his kindle fire he was playing on. I watched Andrew NOT play with toys. I watched Trenton climb up on every household furniture item he could and jump to the floor. I heard Trenton climb up the refrigerator and open the juice and dump it out. I heard egg after egg being cracked open by Trenton's hands. I saw a perfectly clean house go to a house that looked like a tornado struck in less than 30 min. I watched as Trenton tried to express what he wanted and no one could figure it out. I heard Nana try to take out two DVDs that Trenton had crammed into a DVD player and got stuck. I watched my mother clean up pee from the floor, poop from the floor, and  huge food messes from the floor. (So much more but you just had to be there to witness.) Three adults couldn't keep up with my two boys with autism. How do I keep up with them all the time by myself?

The list of what I saw and heard was sad! Nothing but sad.

In the middle of all the madness, I burst into tears. The reality check had just been handed to me. This is my life....this is my children's life...this is my whole entire family's life! This is my life! I am so busy helping the boys and advocating for them that on some days  the reality of what our life is doesn't sink in. It sank in deep when I actually had a moment to take a step back and witness it.

What I wanted more than anything is for Trenton to hug me and say, " I hope you feel better soon Mom." That was all I wanted this weekend. It would have been nice to have received it from Andrew too!

The reality check made me realize how hard I actually do work daily raising my boys.....and I get nothing in return. I do but I don't. I want to experience the "normal" mom returns! I want to experience that more than anything in this world. I want to experience the feeling of watching my child marry the love of their life and knowing as a mother I raised him to be the best, honest, God-loving, trustworthy man that knows how to treat a woman right. On Sunday in my hour of weakness, I cried out to my mother, "What am I doing? Raising my child so maybe he don't have to live in a home one day but instead he can live with me forever?" I want my child to run up and hug me! I don't want it to be a once every 6 month occurrence.  I want a happy marriage. I do realize I keep that part hidden from this blog but lets me honest here....statistics say 60-85 % of marriages end in divorce that are raising a child with autism. With that said, the reality check hit me on Sunday too when I was so sick that I not only have children that aren't normal but I don't have a normal happy marriage by no means.

I read a post by an autism mom today and she was blogging about how her child with autism brought her and her husband closer. I have nothing but envy for this couple and applaud them deeply! They say death, sicknesses or disabilities in children either brings a marriage closer or farther apart.

I had lots of other thoughts on Sunday but maybe those will come out in another post. I had so many thoughts that I think it impacted my ability to actually dream. I use to always remember my dreams but that was back in the day where I actually got to sleep. However, I dreamed on Sunday night and it was the best dream I had in a long time. I am not going to lie, I thought about my dream all day. In my dream I had the "normal" mother experience and the "normal" love felt marriage. All I can say is that it was incredible!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keep it up Trenton!!

I'm so proud of Trenton!! He continues to be phenomenal lately! He continues to work so hard at Harsha and is a fantastic little boy at home! Nothing makes me happier than to see and hear about all of his accomplishments. Plus, to put the icing on the cake, he is being affectionate lately!! I LOVE IT! He let's us hold him, cuddle him, and love on him!!!! Oh how I pray this continues!

LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!!! It melts my heart.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lunch Date & Sickness

I have a lunch date every Tuesday with this little guy!
He wants to eat at the same restaurant every time!

Poor little guy is sick today. We had a rough night last night. Trenton was up at 1:38 AM and Andrew was up at 2:30 AM. Andrew was very needy. I had to hold him the whole night while Trenton ran wild all over the house. I wondered how Andrew would do at Harsha since he was up since 2:30 but Harsha called me at 11:00 AM saying that Andrew had 102 temp and was throwing up.

Andrew made me something at Harsha before he got sick. I love it! Trenton tore part of one M from Mommy off but I still love it! They said he walked around saying, "Andrew loves Mommy" several times.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Social Stories & Sensory Treat

It's been awhile since I have shared some things that I use with the boys. I have talked about social stories before but not for a long time. Social stories were devised as a tool to help individuals on the autism spectrum better understand the nuances of interpersonal communication so that they could interact in an effective and appropriate manner. Social stories do the following:
  • Helps teach students routines, expectations, and behavioral standards in an alternative way
  • Reinforces correct behavior
  • Information presented in a story format
  • Provides visual examples of behavior expectations
  • Provides a more personalized and tailored behavioral intervention
  • Helps involve students in the learning process
  • Works well with students on the autism spectrum and those with ADD/ADHD
One of my favorite social stories apps can be found at this link

It has a lot of different social stories that cover behavior, community, home,hygiene, manners,safety,school, etc. Every day I have been showing Andrew the social stories under the behavior column in hopes that it will help him to use "nice hands" at all times. (Andrew likes to just walk up to people and hit them.)

Another app that I am new at using but am going to really like it is called, Sensory Treat. I had an OT, who has never worked with the boys she just follows my blog, emailed me and told me about this app.  This app can be found here

I highly recommend this app for parents of children on the spectrum who have a lot of sensory problems like Trenton.  I can manage Trenton's sensory diet from the app. I am new to using it but it appears to be amazing!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Holding Hands

The most precious moment I have ever witnessed was this....

God is good!!!
It didn't last long but I was so blessed to witness it for as long as I did!


We had a really good weekend! The boys got to see Nana and Pop! They were both excited to see them. I can't brag enough on how good Trenton was all weekend! I don't know if it is the full time consecutive therapy already that is having an impact on him or he could just simply be in his good phase right now. Whatever it is, I am amazed at his progress lately. He is much "calmer" these days even this weekend with no therapy! He is much better at following commands. He is doing great at using words. He is fantastic at saying, " I want ______."

We took Trenton to a restaurant this weekend. Trenton did the best he could. We are no where close to going to a restaurant where we just relax and take our time but he is making progress. He was so happy to be in a restaurant. He started making his happy noises as soon as we walked in. I always know when he is happy when he makes the noises and puts his fingers up to his face.

Nana and Pop also helped us go to church this morning and Trenton did fantastic! He sat through the whole service and I never had to take him out once!! He made me sooooo proud this weekend!!!
Andrew also did great at children's church without me. I took him to the class and he immediately sat next to two girls showing them his dimples:)

I also got a little sleep this weekend! I haven't had a break in the night for a long time. Nana and Pop took care of Andrew on Saturday night while I slept great with Trenton! I actually got some consecutive sleep. I haven't had more than three hours of consecutive sleep in well over a month.....and its a challenge getting the two boys and myself ready and out the door for Harsha each morning on very little consecutive sleep.  Andrew is the one that is having sleep issues every single night right now. I was very thankful for the sleep!

So, all in all, it was a great weekend! Andrew was very sad to see Nana and Pop leave. Before they even left, Andrew looked at me and said, "I miss them." I know he does! Andrew was at their house every day before we moved! His world changed drastically when we moved but he is starting to adjust very well now. He only asked to "go home" a few times last week. He asked to go to Lincoln's house once. So we are making progress but I know he misses everyone back at home!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Andrew was very excited to get a haircut!!

He loved snuggling with Nana....
 and reading books with Pop.
 I love the way he falls asleep each night!

 The boys did really well for a few pictures before church

Psalm 100

1{A Psalm of praise.} Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.
2Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
3Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
4Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
5For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite part of the day is the morning! There is a type of calmness that comes over me when I know that I have fought the battles through the night again and survived! Now don't get me wrong, my mornings are pure chaos. Most of the time Andrew is extremely needy in the morning and Trenton usually is ready to run his marathon. Between bouncing Andrew around on my hip, controlling Trenton, making breakfast, packing lunches, getting the boys ready, getting myself ready, loading up the van for Harsha....I feel like I have already worked a full day. However, during all of that chaos, I take great pride in motherhood and wouldn't trade it for the world! I know all too well one day my boys will not be boys. They will be grown men and I will be wishing I had these times back.

This morning during the chaos I got a huge surprise! HUGE! It was the best surprise I have received in a long time. Trenton was pacing around the living room and I was setting breakfast on the table. All of a sudden Trenton stops in his tracks, made direct eye contact with me, shined that beautiful smile at me, said "Mommy", and walked up to me and hugged me!! It literally took my breath away....

Thank you Trenton James! Mommy needed that today!

And when he can't say my name or give me a hug or eye contact.....he does this to bring a smile to my face.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It Will Inspire Others

I saw the below pin today and it was perfect for what I have been told lately. I, by no means, am trying to toot my own horn. Believe me.....I'd rather be living a life of "normalcy" with never being able to toot a horn. However, what I am trying to say is this.....

I have cried and shed more tears over what my life has brought me the past years. I have cried more tears over my boys and their autism. I have cried more tears over my marriage. I have cried more tears about the lack of educated people in this world. I have cried....I have cried...and I have cried! But, those tears only made me stronger. Many of you have lifted my spirits. Many of you have informed me on how I am inspiring you in your life. Many of you have told me, "If Angie can do it, I can." That right there means the world to me. I had no idea that I was inspiring anyone. All I was doing was living my life of autism and doing the best that I can. So thank you to all of you who follow our story. My goal is to make my boys have the best life possible while educating people that THERAPY is the key! I am here to make an impact in the world of autism! One day our story will be "bigger" and we will inspire many! There is good out of every bad and I am bound and determined to make "good" out of our life.

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Story!! You never know who may be struggling with the very same experience. You may be able to shed some light on the situation and inspire in a way you didn't see before. // Happy Food Healthy Life

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two Areas of Conern

 Many children on the spectrum are known for spearing their feces. Both of my boys have went through that stage and I hope that it does not come back. To be perfectly honest with you, I have never heard of a child on the spectrum not wanting to depart from their feces. Andrew is going through this horrible stage and he has been in this stage for well over one month now. Every time that he poops....has a bowel movement......goes #2....whatever you call it....he has a complete conniption. He screams, kicks me, hits me, and scratches at me trying to get his "poopy" diaper back. He yells, " I want my poop. I want my poop. That's Andrew's"
If I don't lock the door to where our trash is, Andrew would be digging in the trash getting his dirty diaper trying to put it back on him. I dread diaper changes when I know he has done #2.

Another area of Andrew's regression lately is his behavior in public. I have always talked about how I can take him places and I love it! I have never been able to take Trenton places and I looked forward to the time that I can. Well, on Tuesdays and Fridays Andrew does not attend Harsha so I have been trying to have some fun time with Andrew. We sure do have fun, but its a lot of stress and we get lots of eyeballs glued to us when Andrew has a meltdown in the middle of the store. Today he went crazy because he saw Nemo items in the store. He thought everyone of them had to go in my cart. He was in a state of panic trying to get every item in the cart. When he realized that Mommy was not buying 25 Nemo's, 25 Dori's, and 25 Nemo books, he dropped to the ground kicking his legs, kicking items, screaming at the top of his lungs, hitting me and telling me that he doesn't like me. Oh was terrible. I broke out in my dead sweat and I could just feel all of the eyeballs glued watching the Andrew Conrad show. I order to survive I bough a Dori and the Nemo book. He still was not happy but atleast I was able to get him out of the store....but not before he had to sit on every bench on his way out.
 Holding his Dori and his book on the way home.

Being Silly with Mommy last Friday when Trenton was at Harsha

 He even got to ride a train last Friday.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The boys

Here are the boys with Daddy one day last week!!
 Here are the boys with Pop Saturday morning! I loved Andrew's reaction when he saw Pop for the first time in two weeks. His mouth dropped open and he ran to him! Andrew barely gives anyone this kind of reaction.


I just want to brag on Trenton right now! I can't tell you how awesome he has been lately.

First, a brief update on how he is in our new house. The first week he didn't sleep much. However, the second week he slept much better!
Trenton doesn't ask for "shoes" while going to the door either! All in all, Trenton has accepted the house and new schedule very well! I am so glad the first week is behind us.

Trenton is improving greatly in his receptive language lately! He has taken a huge jump in his ability of what he is understanding. Actually, I thinks it is a combination of that and his body is allowing him to.
One of the rules in our new house is that food stays at the table. Trenton is doing fantastic at keeping food at the table. Of course there are times where he will be sitting at the table eating and grab his food and start to walk away. But, all I have to do is remind him and he will turn around and place the food item on the table. I can't be happier with how Trenton is responding to this rule in our house.
Trenton is also doing great following other simple commands. For example, I only have to tell him once to take off his shoes and coat when we get home.
When its bath time all I have to say is, "Trenton time for bath." He normally will stop what he is doing and walk to the bathroom. At most, I might have to say it twice or three times but he will eventually go to the bathroom on his own. This is huge!!!

On Saturday at Nana's house before we started to eat our meal at supper time, we hear Trenton say, "say prayer." I stopped in my tracks!!!! It came out clear as a bell! Seriously!!! It was amazing. Normally the only words I hear from him daily is, "juice", "eat", " I want juice", "dvd".   Above all the huge thing here is that he is paying attention and noticing EVERYTHING that happens at all times.  He knew that prayer was coming up and he wanted to request it!

In general the past week during the evening time he seemed less hyper. Maybe it was the week? Or maybe it was because he spent 7 hours of structured time at  Harsha? I don't know...there is never a clear answer when you are dealing with autism. If I had to guess, I would say spending 7 hours a day at Harsha is the main reason why because this weekend he was very hyper and impulsive.

Like I said I couldn't be happier with Trenton and how he has been lately. I realize that what makes an autism mom happy and proud does not even come close to what a mother to a neurotypical 4 year old is happy and proud of. I mean seriously.....I am happy because he is keeping food at the table and can take his shoes and coat off with a verbal command! Do you know how long we have worked to get here??? But it doesn't matter....we are a family that belongs to a unique club called autism and we celebrate the smallest accomplishments.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I miss my old Andrew! A few weeks before our move, Andrew's personality started to change just a bit. Now, his personality is really different.

He used to be my child that would run  and give me a great big hug after not seeing me for awhile. He always greeted me with a hug and  smile when I would pick him up from Harsha. Now, Andrew runs up to me, hits me, and says, "No Mommy."

I have taken Andrew to the store with me a few times lately. When we are checking out he does not like it when the cashier touches our items, especially the items that he likes. He lets out a scream when the cashier touches an item and he shouts, "I don't like you." Then he looks at me and says, " I don't like her." He will repeat this several times to me. Of course, I explain that he has autism and everyone so far has been very understanding.

Andrew tells me several times a day that he does not like Trenton. Then, Andrew tells me that he doesn't like Daddy. Then Andrew tells me that he doesn't like me.
If Andrew gets mad at Trenton, he runs up to me and says, " I am angry. Trenton makes me angry"

Individuals with autism often say what they are thinking. It is a VERY common trait. Lets be realistic, we all think things but do we say them? No. However, for individuals with autism. they often say what is always on their mind. This is an area that a lot of people need to be educated on.....even school professionals. Most of the time, it can be passed off as the child being very arrogant or rude. To be truthful, they can't help it. Their brain works differently than ours.
This is an area that is really showing in Andrew lately. I hope that it is due to our move and that he will be my old, loving Andrew soon!

Last night Andrew was looking at our screen savor on the computer which is pictures. A majority of the pictures were pictures from our old house in Flora.  He looks at the computer...then looks at me and says, " I want to go home."  He still continues to say this multiple times each day. He is going to be one excited kid when I take him to Nana's house this weekend!!

By the way, his bottom is finally healing!!! Thank goodness! The last round of medicine was the one!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I always ask Andrew to say prayer. Sometimes Andrew will say, "Trenton say prayer."
When Andrew does this, I take Trenton's hand and put them in the praying position and I say a short prayer standing over Trenton. 
Last Wednesday I asked Andrew to say prayer.
Andrew pointed to Trenton and said, "Trenton say prayer."
Before I knew what was taking place, Trenton folded his hands and jibber jabbered. Then he unfolded his hands and started eating!!!!
It was beautiful!!!! He understands so much anymore!!!! I am so proud of him!

Pictures from our first week!

My goal for one of the rooms in our house is to make it a sensory room for the boys, especially for Trenton since he is the one with huge sensory problems. For Christmas Trenton received a ball pit! The boys love it!

 Next to the ball pit in the sensory room is our swing. I have hopes of getting another swing in the future as well! Grandma Great came up one day last week with Nana to see our house. She enjoyed pushing Andrew in the swing.
Next to the swing I have a sand table for some texture sensory input!

 Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, and Lincoln came up to visit us last Friday. It was the happiest I had seen Andrew since we moved! It was the only day last week that he smiled and had fun!

 Nana came up on Sunday this week. She saved me! After being up for 48 hours, I needed some help.


Trenton enjoys playing in his room so far.

He continues to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere!

 He still loves his DVDs!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Schedules!

We finally got Internet at our house!! YAY!!
I would love to do a nice long post tonight. Honestly, I am too tired. With that said, I will leave you with a few pictures of the boys from Harsha this week! Trenton started his full time schedule. He attends 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. Andrew attends 3 days a week, 7 hours a day.

Look how happy he is at Harsha!! I love that smile!

They celebrated another boys birthday on Monday. From my understanding, Andrew kept saying, "It's Andrew's party."
I will blog more tomorrow on what it has been like lately!