Thursday, January 8, 2015


I miss my old Andrew! A few weeks before our move, Andrew's personality started to change just a bit. Now, his personality is really different.

He used to be my child that would run  and give me a great big hug after not seeing me for awhile. He always greeted me with a hug and  smile when I would pick him up from Harsha. Now, Andrew runs up to me, hits me, and says, "No Mommy."

I have taken Andrew to the store with me a few times lately. When we are checking out he does not like it when the cashier touches our items, especially the items that he likes. He lets out a scream when the cashier touches an item and he shouts, "I don't like you." Then he looks at me and says, " I don't like her." He will repeat this several times to me. Of course, I explain that he has autism and everyone so far has been very understanding.

Andrew tells me several times a day that he does not like Trenton. Then, Andrew tells me that he doesn't like Daddy. Then Andrew tells me that he doesn't like me.
If Andrew gets mad at Trenton, he runs up to me and says, " I am angry. Trenton makes me angry"

Individuals with autism often say what they are thinking. It is a VERY common trait. Lets be realistic, we all think things but do we say them? No. However, for individuals with autism. they often say what is always on their mind. This is an area that a lot of people need to be educated on.....even school professionals. Most of the time, it can be passed off as the child being very arrogant or rude. To be truthful, they can't help it. Their brain works differently than ours.
This is an area that is really showing in Andrew lately. I hope that it is due to our move and that he will be my old, loving Andrew soon!

Last night Andrew was looking at our screen savor on the computer which is pictures. A majority of the pictures were pictures from our old house in Flora.  He looks at the computer...then looks at me and says, " I want to go home."  He still continues to say this multiple times each day. He is going to be one excited kid when I take him to Nana's house this weekend!!

By the way, his bottom is finally healing!!! Thank goodness! The last round of medicine was the one!

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