Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keep it up Trenton!!

I'm so proud of Trenton!! He continues to be phenomenal lately! He continues to work so hard at Harsha and is a fantastic little boy at home! Nothing makes me happier than to see and hear about all of his accomplishments. Plus, to put the icing on the cake, he is being affectionate lately!! I LOVE IT! He let's us hold him, cuddle him, and love on him!!!! Oh how I pray this continues!

LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!!! It melts my heart.


  1. So happy for you and your family! I say a prayer for you and your family everyday!

    My son was just diagnosed Tuesday this week with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and sensory issues. I know what we go through, and can't imagine what it would be like with 2 little ones.

    Stay strong!


  2. No where on Earth would there be a more beautiful site! So happy for him.