Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lunch Date & Sickness

I have a lunch date every Tuesday with this little guy!
He wants to eat at the same restaurant every time!

Poor little guy is sick today. We had a rough night last night. Trenton was up at 1:38 AM and Andrew was up at 2:30 AM. Andrew was very needy. I had to hold him the whole night while Trenton ran wild all over the house. I wondered how Andrew would do at Harsha since he was up since 2:30 but Harsha called me at 11:00 AM saying that Andrew had 102 temp and was throwing up.

Andrew made me something at Harsha before he got sick. I love it! Trenton tore part of one M from Mommy off but I still love it! They said he walked around saying, "Andrew loves Mommy" several times.

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