Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pictures from our first week!

My goal for one of the rooms in our house is to make it a sensory room for the boys, especially for Trenton since he is the one with huge sensory problems. For Christmas Trenton received a ball pit! The boys love it!

 Next to the ball pit in the sensory room is our swing. I have hopes of getting another swing in the future as well! Grandma Great came up one day last week with Nana to see our house. She enjoyed pushing Andrew in the swing.
Next to the swing I have a sand table for some texture sensory input!

 Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, and Lincoln came up to visit us last Friday. It was the happiest I had seen Andrew since we moved! It was the only day last week that he smiled and had fun!

 Nana came up on Sunday this week. She saved me! After being up for 48 hours, I needed some help.


Trenton enjoys playing in his room so far.

He continues to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere!

 He still loves his DVDs!

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