Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick Update

I will be much better at blogging and posting pictures after tomorrow. We should finally get our internet on Tuesday.
Until then I will post a few quick updates...

I have been to a walk in clinic three times since New Years Eve with Andrew. His yeast infection continues to get worse. Nothing the doctors have prescribed him has helped. Each day the area is larger. It started with a ring around his rectum Now, the ring reaches about two inches from his rectum all the way down. Each day it continues to spread even more. He has not slept in a week.....And I really mean he hasn't slept. He can't. His bottom hurts too bad to relax and sleep. Trenton continues to wake up in the night and stay up for a long period. I went 48 hours with my head not hitting a pillow at all. I sat in the rocking chair the entire night on Friday holding Andrew while he cried,  "No new house. I just want to go home." Then he would stiffen his body and scream, "My bottom hurts. I want to go home."  On Saturday night my butt was glued to the rocking chair once again with Andrew crying these words while Trenton ran wild destroying the house. I held Andrew crying while I cried with him...while Trenton was walking on my kitchen counters, climbing on top of the fridge, opening up cabinets smashing food and throwing items all over the house.

 Nana came up Sunday morning to help me. She stayed the night and witnessed first hand Andrew's night time behavior with his bottom.
Andrew received new medicine today. I hope and pray this new round of medicine helps him quickly.

Andrew continues to ask everyday to go home. It breaks my heart more and more every day. Oh how I wish we could! Flora will always be my home. Our house in the country will always be HOME!

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