Friday, January 2, 2015

Still Surviving

We are still surviving and yes it is still rough! We still do not have internet. I will excited when we do so I can post some pictures of the boys!

Andrew continues to ask to go home every day. When he does, I immediately burst in tears. I want to go home too! I am a small town girl at heart and it is hard getting use to living in town besides all of my dreams I have lost. The boys and Mommy are miserable. However, Daddy is happy. Daddy was not a small town person and he is happier in the bigger area.

I did have to take Andrew to a walk in clinic on Wednesday. He has a yeast infection which is having dramatic effects on his sleep. Every night this week he is up crying, screaming " butt hurts. I want to go home." Trenton slept great last night but it was the first night he has slept since in the new house. I have yet to sleep more than two hours a night since we moved.....

Andrew's behaviors are declining dramatically. When I picked him up at Harsha this week, he hit me and said, "No Mommy." I have to continue to carry him all over the house. Nana and Grandma Great visited us yesterday and he had nothing to do with either of them. He has nothing to do with his father. He wants Mommy and that is all. This is very unlike Andrew. Andrew loves EVERYBODY! (One of the reasons why his autism blends in. HE is hypersocial.)

Major change can make kids with autism regress. It is obviously happening with Andrew.

I will post much more when I have the internet!
As always, thanks so much for the support and prayers everyone!


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