Sunday, January 11, 2015


I just want to brag on Trenton right now! I can't tell you how awesome he has been lately.

First, a brief update on how he is in our new house. The first week he didn't sleep much. However, the second week he slept much better!
Trenton doesn't ask for "shoes" while going to the door either! All in all, Trenton has accepted the house and new schedule very well! I am so glad the first week is behind us.

Trenton is improving greatly in his receptive language lately! He has taken a huge jump in his ability of what he is understanding. Actually, I thinks it is a combination of that and his body is allowing him to.
One of the rules in our new house is that food stays at the table. Trenton is doing fantastic at keeping food at the table. Of course there are times where he will be sitting at the table eating and grab his food and start to walk away. But, all I have to do is remind him and he will turn around and place the food item on the table. I can't be happier with how Trenton is responding to this rule in our house.
Trenton is also doing great following other simple commands. For example, I only have to tell him once to take off his shoes and coat when we get home.
When its bath time all I have to say is, "Trenton time for bath." He normally will stop what he is doing and walk to the bathroom. At most, I might have to say it twice or three times but he will eventually go to the bathroom on his own. This is huge!!!

On Saturday at Nana's house before we started to eat our meal at supper time, we hear Trenton say, "say prayer." I stopped in my tracks!!!! It came out clear as a bell! Seriously!!! It was amazing. Normally the only words I hear from him daily is, "juice", "eat", " I want juice", "dvd".   Above all the huge thing here is that he is paying attention and noticing EVERYTHING that happens at all times.  He knew that prayer was coming up and he wanted to request it!

In general the past week during the evening time he seemed less hyper. Maybe it was the week? Or maybe it was because he spent 7 hours of structured time at  Harsha? I don't know...there is never a clear answer when you are dealing with autism. If I had to guess, I would say spending 7 hours a day at Harsha is the main reason why because this weekend he was very hyper and impulsive.

Like I said I couldn't be happier with Trenton and how he has been lately. I realize that what makes an autism mom happy and proud does not even come close to what a mother to a neurotypical 4 year old is happy and proud of. I mean seriously.....I am happy because he is keeping food at the table and can take his shoes and coat off with a verbal command! Do you know how long we have worked to get here??? But it doesn't matter....we are a family that belongs to a unique club called autism and we celebrate the smallest accomplishments.

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