Monday, February 23, 2015

I want Mommy!

After our horrendous night last night, I was starving for something good! I needed something to let me know that what I do 24/7 is all worth it!
Andrew has been battling a horrible cold for a week now. (I am calling the doctor tomorrow). I have it now. Needless to say, Andrew's sleeping has been atrocious. Andrew does not sleep when he is sick. I have been very thankful for the fact that Trenton has been in a good sleeping pattern until last night.  I battled Andrew til almost 11:00 PM. He couldn't sleep due to his runny nose and cough. Finally, he was sleeping good at 11 and Trenton was awake going wild by 12:30 AM. Between only getting an hour and a half sleep last night, taking care of Trenton's late night antics, and Andrew constantly waking up for me to wipe his nose or soothe him back to sleep.....I was hungry for some good news to pick me up!

Thank you to Harsha for letting me know what Trenton did today!!! I got what I needed!

Trenton was doing table work with his coach. His coach had some cards out on the table that had various pictures of objects and people. Trenton spontaneously says, "I want Mommy." Therefore, his coach looked through the cards until she found my picture. When she gave it to him he smiled and clapped! He carried the picture around and when the coach took the picture away, he would ask for it again!! Also, he kept on asking for heart stickers and he would place the stickers all over me!!!

I have a precious video of him saying my name. Hopefully I will post it soon!

Love it!!!! Thank you Trenton James! When I heard this my heart melted and my eyes swelled up in tears! I love you Bubba!!!! Keep fighting, we are doing a pretty good fight against autism!

Trenton fell back to sleep at 6AM this morning on our couch. However, Andrew was awake so he didn't sleep very long.

Andrew loves Pepper!!

Andrew was my date to church on Sunday morning. He loves our new church! He was upset that Trenton stayed home but after I explained that Mommy couldn't handle him and Trenton by myself, Andrew seemed to understand.

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