Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Be Proactive!

I have been asked a few times since we moved if I have enjoyed my free time. I just kinda giggle on the inside and ask myself, "What free time?"  To say the least, I haven't had any free time yet. When the boys are at Harsha, I am cleaning. Two boys with autism can really cause havoc on a house daily. Besides organizing, going through boxes, and all the other good stuff that comes with moving, our situation is different than the average family moving onto a new street. Unfortunately, I can't treat our situation as if we are normal. I have to take every precautionary possible to prevent any type of bad situation happening to my boys, especially Trenton with his severe needs. Seriously, he can't scream if he is in danger, he won't respond to his name, he can't speak so yes a lot of precautionary steps have to be done!

Therefore, I have worked really hard the last few weeks putting together a 4 page packet for my new neighbors informing them of the boys and their needs. It is very crucial that every neighbor in close distance knows about autism and the unfortunate situations that can arise. My main goal in informing the neighbors was to make everyone aware of wandering. It is very scary to think of Trenton escaping from our house. It happens daily in the autism world and many do not come back alive to their parents. Our neighborhood has many pools in it which makes me very nervous. Our neighbors needed to be informed that Trenton may not respond to his name or walk up to them.

With all that said, I have worked hard the past two days knocking on doors and talking to neighbors about the boys. I was very nervous. I wasn't sure how the neighborhood would react. I was hoping I wasn't going to scare any neighbors and have them wondering who the crazy new mom on the block was. Instead, I received the best responses! The neighbors I talked to were awesome!! I left my 4 page packet in the door of the houses where no one was home along with my business card. To much surprise, I received a few phone calls from those neighbors. I don't believe I could have picked a better neighborhood to raise my boys in!!

I wish it was as simple as moving into a neighborhood and not having to do what I did. However, I refuse to sit back and let life happen and live with a "what if" one day. If any parent of a special needs child reads this I highly encourage you to do what I did. Be proactive for your children! Educate your neighbors, family, community, or whomever! It's your children! They need you to do it for them!

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