Monday, February 9, 2015

Chaotic Sat Evening-Sun Evening

I was extremely happy a week ago when I managed the boys all by myself at church. I thought I would try the same this past Sunday. Unfortunately, it was the complete opposite this time. I was afraid it would go that way. Trenton started having some extreme sensory problems Saturday evening.  Trenton was having problems with his vestibular system.  When Trenton is having problems with his vestibular system, he is hyposensitive.

Here is what children with hyposensitive vestibular sensory problems need to do in order to live with their body.


__ in constant motion, can’t seem to sit still
__ craves fast, spinning, and/or intense movement experiences
__ loves being tossed in the air
__ could spin for hours and never appear to be dizzy
__ always jumping on furniture, trampolines, spinning in a swivel chair, or getting into upside down positions
__ loves to swing as high as possible and for long periods of time
__ is a “thrill-seeker”; dangerous at times
__ always running, jumping, hopping etc. instead of walking
__ rocks body, shakes leg, or head while sitting
__ likes sudden or quick movements, such as, going over a big bump in the car or on a bike
What also needs to be on here is how quickly Trenton can destroy my house while trying to meet his vestibular needs. My house can go from looking good to looking what a Category 5 hurricane can do in a matter of a few minutes.  I try my hardest to help him during these times and we do some activities together to help him.

What makes this even harder when Trenton is having a hard time is when Andrew is having some of his issues. I thought I was going to land in the hospital again Saturday night. It was difficult trying to manage and help Trenton while taking care of Andrew's needs at the same time. Andrew can be perfectly happy and switch off just like a light switch. That is what he did on Saturday evening. After I sweated bullets taking care of the boys Saturday evening all I wanted was a good night sleep. Andrew had something else in mind. He was up crying every 30 minutes. I had a total sleepless night with Andrew after trying to calm a hurricane all evening, the evening before.

Needless to say I was exhausted come Sunday morning but I try not to miss church if I don't have to.
Well, Trenton was still having some problems but I thought just maybe he would be better once we got to church. I WAS WRONG!

We make our entrance into church after Andrew, who hardly ever runs away, ran away from me while I was getting Trenton out of the van. He ran across the parking lot without looking for cars with an oncoming van not tot far away. We walked into the church making our entrance well known to every one around.  I walked in right on time for church to get started and I did that on purpose. Trenton immediately went into sensory overload once we took our place in the last pew. He was off and running right down the middle aisle before I knew what was going on. He ran all the way to the front of a very long, big church. He was up on the stage pacing and doing his anxious hand and finger moves while making his anxious sounds out of his mouth. I took off running after him leaving Andrew all by himself. Once I got ahold of Trenton, I just smiled at the whole church and forced Trenton back to our seat. A kind lady, whom I have spoken to about the boys last time, came and sat by me. She said she would help me during church. It was such a relief to have such a kind lady who doesn't even know me come help me. Approximately two minutes after she sat by me, Trenton couldn't manage his sensory overload anymore! There was no calming him. He started screaming and putting his hands over his ears. Next, he takes his Play Doh and launches it through the church. I grab him and he starts hitting and kicking me. I try to put him on my lap but his screams are blood curdling at this point. His feet are kicking the pew in front of us. His arms are swinging from side to side and they keep hitting my face. The next thing my nicely, neat ponytail is coming out from being pulled by Trenton. Trenton kicks Andrew in the face with his foot. Andrew starts crying and trying to climb up on my lap while I am holding an out of control Trenton. I look at the kind lady who is trying to help me and her face told me that she had NEVER seen a sight like she was witnessing at that moment. I told her that I needed to leave and she quickly agreed that was probably a good thing. She helped me out, thank goodness! Once Andrew had just finished crying from being kicked in the face he starts crying and screaming because he didn't want to leave church. So here  I am carrying Trenton out who is kicking, hitting, and screaming. Andrew is walking out the church with the lady saying, " I want new church." Once we got the boys strapped in and I thanked the lady for helping us, I sat in the van and sobbed like a baby! I sat there for a good five minutes and just cried!!

To me, this is just another example of why I agree that autism is the worst disability to have a child with. If my children were physically disabled with one of the many physical disabilities, I still could go places. Yes, it would be more difficult than if they were normal, but I would still be able to go! A child with down syndrome, or a heart defect, or any of the other disabilities can go places and not cause havoc on the family.  A child with a mental disorder like autism, especially severe autism like Trenton, leaves a family with only one thing to do and that is to stay at home!

We went home and had a very chaotic day. Trenton still was having sensory problems and Andrew as very needy and wouldn't leave Trenton alone. Trenton was not wanting Andrew anywhere near him. Since it was 60 degrees outside, which is rare in February, I took the boys out to the backyard for the first time. Within the first minute, Trenton tried to escape from the fence. Needless to say, we need a new fence ASAP!

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