Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mommy's Birthday!

Trenton gave me the best birthday gift ever yesterday and today. On Saturday, Uncle Brent (my younger brother) and Nana came to visit us. By mid afternoon Andrew was asking to go somewhere. We decided to go out and show Uncle Brent where Harsha was. Then, I got really brave and thought I would take the boys to the play area in the mall. Andrew loves the play area in the mall. Andrew and  I first discovered it a month ago on our Tuesday outings. Trenton has not been in a store for a very long time. So I thought I would be brave and see how he would do since there was three adults.He was so scared walking into the mall. He started to fuss and cry. It was heartbreaking to see his anxiety just simply walking into a new place. However, he was fine once we walked in. He walked like a big boy and held my hand to the play area!

Next, I thought I would continue to be brave and we took Trenton into a store. Once again he did wonderful! He walked through the store and held my hand. This was the first time he has been in a store and not have a meltdown or destroy everything. Its the first time we were in a store where I didn't have to leave carrying him out screaming.  I could not have been happier! I walked hand in hand in a store with Trenton!!! My birthday couldn't have been any better than that! It was our first successful store encounter! It felt amazing to experience that with Trenton. I have wanted to experience that since the day he was born and we finally did it at 4 1/2 years old!

I still continued to feel brave Sunday morning. Therefore, I took the boys to church by myself. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. I was scared to death! For the past year, my parents have always been there to help us go to church and now they aren't. I am happy to report that we were very successful! I felt on top of the world leaving church today. I took the boys by myself!!!! I feel like we can do anything by ourselves now. I am so proud of them. They both did amazingly well! Andrew was so happy to be there. He asked where Nana and Pop were the first thing. He is use to always having them by his side at church.

 Trenton continues to spell many words these days!

 This is what I had to buy at the store with Trenton. He saw these and he loved them! He was so good that he deserved them anyway:)
 Pictures from the play area at the mall!

 I love this picture!! He was very proud of himself and he was so happy to be there!

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  1. Oh Angie! All of those smiles in these pictures!! LOVE IT!! So glad you got to have such blessings on your birthday! We will be keeping you & the boys in prayer!