Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Andrew and I had our usual lunch date today! We ate at the same restaurant as always. I'm not sure he will ever want a different restaurant.
 Do you like his oreo face?!?

After lunch we went to the Humane Society of Terre Haute. Andrew picked out a cat!!  I would have loved to have got a dog but I don't have time to potty train a dog and Andrew is scared of dogs.
Therefore, we picked out a cat. We had a blast picking out the cat. Andrew named the cat, Pepper. The cat is grey and white. She does not look like a "Pepper" but Andrew insisted on her name being Pepper

 Heading home with our new family member:)
 The boys love her!

 She is a great cat! She is very gentle and quiet!
And of course we couldn't pick out our cat without something out of norm happening. While I was filling out paperwork to get Pepper, Andrew dropped his pants to the floor, took off his diaper, and was pulling on his privates. ......It's always an interesting adventure with autism!


  1. Pepper reminds me so much of Jinx!!! I sure miss that cat!!!! Maybe he sent this little gal to fill her empty spot in our lives! lol!!!!

  2. I think Pepper is a great name! She's a beautiful cat!!!