Saturday, February 21, 2015


I took the boys out this afternoon to play in the snow. They really enjoyed it! I wish we could have stayed out longer however, Trenton dictated that for us. He kept on taking off his shoes and coat. The first time he took of his shoes it took me a few minutes to catch him. He ran faster in the slick snow than I thought was humanly possible for anyone. I kept on slipping and totally wiped out at one point. I'm sure we looked like a crazy sight. Trenton running at Olympic speed in the snow with Mommy behind him falling left and right....and with Andrew behind Mommy fussing because he was way slower than me. When I finally caught him I took him inside, warmed up his feet and changed his socks and shoes. I told him repeatedly that it was not summer and we had to leave on our shoes and coat.

After my talk we went outside and a few minutes later we were in the same situation as before plus with socks off. After I finally caught him, we went inside once again. Repeated the same scenerario and found ouselves in for good ten minutes later.
In most situations a neurotypical brain of a normal 4 1/2 year old would cry with bare feet running through the snow. Trenton's body feels things at a much different level than a neurotypical brain. It's very sad! The older he gets, the harder some things get. I fear the day that he is a grown man that weighs 200 lbs and doing things like this. I never want him to be too much for me to handle....that's a fear of mine.

Here are some pictures before Trenton started taking off his shoes and socks.

 Andrew said, "Mommy make Olaf."
I said, "Who is Olaf?"
Andrew says, "Frozen."
Then I figured it out. Olaf is the name of the snowman in the movie, Frozen.
Mommy made a very tiny Olaf.

 I showed him how to make a snow angel. This is Andrew's attempt at making one.

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