Thursday, February 19, 2015

Way to go Trenton!!!!

Each and every parent rejoices when their child accomplishes the next big step in life. For example, we celebrate when they start eating baby food. We celebrate when they start crawling, walking, talking, first day of school, etc.  Special needs moms celebrate in different ways. We celebrate much smaller accomplishments and hope for the big accomplishments that other moms get to celebrate.

Last night, we had reason to celebrate here! I think everyone in the Terre Haute area heard my celebration at what Trenton did. I called my mother to see how my grandfather's doctor appointment went. Trenton just kept on smiling at me while I was on the phone. He walked up to me and touched me and said, "Mommy." Then he continues to say "Mommy" 3-4 times more.
Then.....oh yes he did more.....he touched my phone. I said to him, "Do you want to say hi to Nana?" Trenton takes the phone, puts it to his ear, and said, "Hi Nana." I'm not sure what was more precious....him saying it or the HUGE smile on his face because he knew what he did!!! He said it a few more times just smiling away. I then told Trenton to say, "I love you." What does he do?!?!?!? Trenton says, "love you." and yes his smile got even bigger!!! Before he got off the phone he said, "bye Nana" and that was spontaneous!!!!!

I can't tell you how awesome that moment was!!! He was so happy. He kept on saying, "mommy" several times after we were off the phone and every time he said it, he kissed me!

Trenton and Mommy were on cloud 9 last night!!!

1 Chronicles 29:13.
 Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.


  1. Angie, I got goose bumps reading this. Way to go Trenton. Barb

  2. Keep up the good work, Trenton! We're so proud of you!!!