Friday, March 6, 2015


I guess it really is some of the small things that makes me so proud of the boys. I can't tell you how proud I am that Andrew no longer cries for Harsha on the days that Trenton goes. Andrew is such a big boy about the situation anymore. Every Wednesday and Friday morning I pull up to Harsha to let Trenton out and Andrew just sits there and smiles! He always smiles at the coach that comes and gets Trenton. I could not be more thrilled and happy about this situation!

On Wednesday he asked to go to Burger King. Therefore, I took him after we dropped off Trenton. Sadly, I could not get Andrew to play in the kid area. I am fairly positive most neurotypical  3 1/2 year olds go crazy when they see a slide and fun things to play on. It really does break my heart. He just kept saying, "My friends aren't here."

We didn't stay very long this time. Actually when we were leaving Andrew ran away from me and ran right up to a table of two men. He was bending his leg and getting ready to climb up in their booth but I got to him in time. It's down right sad how he doesn't know the difference from a stranger to a loved one.

Although he doesn't get to go  to Harsha on Wednesday, He does get to go on Thursday. He is always excited to go back on Thursday. He had a great time with one of his coaches painting on Thursday!

Today I took Andrew to the library in town. I found out that they have a toddler activity hour on Friday mornings! I thought this would be a great way to get Andrew around more kids.
Andrew and I attended it today and I am so glad that I found this for him. Andrew was around 15 other kids. He did fairly well participating with the librarian but we were unsuccessful with him engaging with other kids. He kept on clinging to me and pulling on my ears. I am starting to think its anxiety for him when he pulls on others peoples ears.
After the toddler hour, I took him to the kid zone in the library. Once again I tried to get him to play with the other kids but he wouldn't. (The library has a really nice kid area and toys to play with.)

However, he had a great time checking out two DVDs to take home and watch for a few weeks! He was a happy boy about that!! He wanted me to  take his picture holding up his DVDs in the van:) After the library we were off to go eat at his favorite restaurant! Daddy came to meet us today!

I am super excited about toddler hour every Friday and Wednesday morning!! Andrew is going to love doing this on those days! He is a boy who loves a consistent schedule!!

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  1. So much of what Andrew does makes me think of Westin. He also has no boundaries for personal space and has never met a stranger.