Thursday, March 12, 2015

Doctor Experience

We are realizing what it is like to live in a town without Nana and Pop right there to help us. It has been a challenge but I am doing my best and not letting it stop me from what I need to do.

Last week I posted about Trenton and Andrew's terrible fight. The boys had another terrible fight last Friday. Between the two fights it left Trenton will a cut on his ear and eye. Sadly, Trenton won't leave his ear alone. He is unable to leave his ear alone. I'm not going to sugar coat it, his ear looks awful! His eye doesn't look very good either. For a week now his eye has been pink and constantly running. The skin around his eye has turned pink. I thought his eye was better but it took a turn for the worse today. Therefore, I called the doctor and they could not get him in till tomorrow. I did not want to wait till tomorrow. With that said, I had no choice other than to take both boys to a walk in clinic. I no longer have anyone that I can leave Andrew with.

I can not brag enough about Andrew. I talked to the boys in the van from Harsha to the clinic. I emphasized over and over to Andrew that I needed him to be a big boy. I told him that he needed to walk right by me and sit by me in the clinic. I explained that I needed to have both my hands on Trenton so I can keep Trenton safe and make him feel the best that he can.

Andrew really listened to what I said and did exactly what I told him. I was very proud of him!!!!

The clinic treated us great. They knew of my situation before I walked in with the boys. ( I stopped in there on my way to pick the boys up and explained it to them.) They immediately took us back to a room. Trenton cried from the moment we walked in and did not stop till about 20 minutes after we left. My heart breaks for him every time we go to the doctor.  It is so sad what severe autism did to Trenton. His life is so hard. I wish it was me and not him.

Anyway, the doctor said that Trenton's ear and eye left an infection in his system. Since we have never been successful with antibiotics, Trenton got a shot. The shot experience made the rest of the doctor experience look good.

The sweet innocent nurse came bouncing into the room ready to give Trenton his shot. I told her that we would need help. She insisted that she would be fine. I informed her that it usually takes 3-4 people to hold him down when he gets a shot. I think she thought I was exaggerating or that she had the strength of Hulk Hogan. Not sure which one but she soon found out that it was impossible. Unfortunately, it took her giving Trenton a 4 inch cut on his bottom where she lost control of her needle because of Trenton's strength to realize that she needed to call for reinforcements.

By this time, Trenton's screams could be heard from miles around. The sweat was building up on my back and face profusely. I was sweating bullets no doubt and anyone with range was sure to get hit. My body felt hotter than Hades. Trenton was in a full blown meltdown that was not stopping any time soon. Thank goodness Andrew was sitting and being good so I could focus on Trenton.

Soon the sweet innocent nurse came back all frazzled. She was too shook up to give Trenton his shot. Another nurse gave him his shot with two other people along with me holding his body down. The nurses were totally amazed at Trenton's strength. I believe Trenton taught the nurses a few things today.

We made it out to the van not without making a scene in the waiting room with all 30 eyeballs glued on us. Once I got the boys in their seats, I cranked the air conditioner on because my body had sweat enough bullets to kill an army and Trenton's little body had sweat through his clothes and was burning up as well.

I hope he sleeps tonight!

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