Thursday, March 5, 2015


If you have been following my blog since my first blog, then you know how bad Trenton's behavior can be. As you may recall, I use to spend most of my days managing his unruly destructive behavior. Through hard work and lots of structure time, his behavior is much better. He still has his moments and he still has his bad days where he can't control his behavior. When you stop and put some deep thought into it, why wouldn't he?!? He is non-verbal and has major sensory problems. He has all the right in the world to cry and have unacceptable behavior.

What does not help Trenton's situation is Andrew's hyper socialness. Another factor that does not help Trenton is Andrew's lack of personal space. Andrew is a follower and does not know how to be alone. Therefore, Andrew is right on top of Trenton 24/7. Trenton has done an amazing job lately  ignoring Andrew. Unfortunately, I think those days are coming to an end. Trenton has had enough and it has done nothing but cause major fights around here.

Wednesday morning while getting breakfast ready, the boys had the biggest fight they have ever had. They both had so much autistic adrenaline running through their body, I had to work hard to break them apart. They were on top of each other hitting, kicking, scratching, pulling hair, pulling clothes, and screaming their blood curdling screams. Andrew had the look of a true fighter that was not backing down for anything. After I finally got them pulled apart while our scrambled eggs burned on the stove, I kept thinking and asking myself, "What is it going to be like when they are teenage boys?"

I'm sure one can read this and think that they will out grow it by then or they need more discipline. Uh No! Behavior is a major source of problem with kids with autism. They can't control their behavior.
We had another episode like that this morning. These occurrence have been happening to this degree at least once a day. I have no doubt that if our neighbors were out in their yard, they could hear the screams and fight through our was that bad!

Andrew walked away unscratched but Trenton had a bloody ear. He had blood all over his face. Needless to say he did not want me to wipe his face after the fight.

I have heard horror stories how some kids on the spectrum regress around 5-6 years of age. I hope this isn't going to happen with Trenton. Another bad age is adolescence and puberty which I am really not looking forward to.

Simply put....It's never ending with the stress and worries about future regression.

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