Tuesday, March 31, 2015


This morning Andrew was babbling and I could not understand him. The only word I could understand was "Jesus". Therefore, I said to him, "Are you talking about Jesus?"
Andrew replies, "Yes, Jesus at church."
Mommy says, "We go to church to learn about Jesus right?"
Andrew says, "Jesus at church."

At this point I thought I would talk to him a little bit about Jesus.

Mommy says, "Andrew where is Jesus at right now?"
Andrew says, "Jesus is at church. He lives there."
Mommy says, "Jesus does not live at church. He lives in heaven. Do you know where Heaven is?"

Andrew looks at me with a confused look. I pointed up to the sky and said, "Heaven is way up there and that is where Jesus lives."
Andrew says, "Jesus lives in Heaven."

This afternoon on our way home from Harsha Andrew randomly says, "Jesus lives in Heaven and it is way up there."

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  1. Awwww..how sweet is that. However, Andrew is really right..Jesus is at church with us, too!!!! .. try explaining all that to a three year old!