Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Library & Swing

I had such a wonderful time today with Andrew at the library. It is our new routine on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Andrew loves having a predictable schedule and  the classes at the library are fantastic for him!
Once again there was a big group of toddlers aged 3-5 years old. We listened to the librarian read two books. We had art time and danced to a few songs. The last 15 minutes of the class was free play time.
I was amazed at how well all the other toddlers sat and listened to the story. Andrew, on the other hand, couldn't sit still and had his mind on everything else but the story. I was constantly redirecting him every 20 seconds. However, the time there together is well worth it and we had fun together!

Before our class got started, we returned our DVDs from last week and he checked out two more! He was very proud of himself for giving his DVDs back to the librarian and giving her his two new ones!

Here he is walking into the library holding his DVDs like a big boy:)

Trenton fell asleep in his new swing tonight. He fell asleep at 7:30. YIKES! He hasn't fallen asleep this early in a long time. I wish I could relax and enjoy some down time. However, I never know when I will be up for the whole night so I have to get my rest when I can. With that said, I am going to bed early tonight. Oh how I wish I could stay up and watch TV!!!!!!!!

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