Thursday, March 26, 2015

Precious Video

Here is a phenomenal video of Trenton at Harsha yesterday! Trenton had an amazingly "clear" day yesterday. Words were coming out of his mouth. He was looking at his coaches and his family at home. He seemed more aware of his surroundings. He use to have days like this before but he has not in a long time. Autism is so strange how one can have days or weeks like this and then it disappears.

I have followed Carly Fleischmann's story since I read her fathers book, Carly's Voice. Carly's autism is similar to Trenton's autism. Carly would be able to type to her family and communicate on some days and then she would go through a long period where she couldn't. As of right now, Carly is a grown woman and is unable to communicate at this present time. At the time her father wrote his book, she was doing good and communicating through typing. Now she can't type. Autism is very difficult to understand. The hardest thing for me to come to grips is the individuals like Trenton who live with that brain and who are trapped in that body. 
I treasure the good days more than anyone could imagine!

 Below is a link to the video!


  1. I've never heard him talk so much, or so clearly! He has the cutest little voice. Keep up the good work, Trenton!

  2. What a big boy, Trenton! So sweet..Harsha is the best. I loved hearing his voice.