Friday, March 20, 2015

Special, Extended Family

A Very Special, Extended Family
Since my oldest son’s diagnosis of severe autism, I have quickly realized that I became a part of a very special extended family. There are some people who end up meaning the world to you and your family. You will find yourself wondering what you would do without them. I learned after my oldest son’s diagnosis that there are a few people that soon become your adopted family once you are a part of the autism world.

In most cases, the people who understand and care the most are the ones who live it too.  After all, they, too, are up all night battling sensory problems with their child. They are the ones who can’t take their child out in public. They are the ones who know what it feels like to have a child who can’t speak or communicate. They know all too well what it is like to manage meltdowns. They know the pain that you know. They know what it feels like to have a child that is different.

After each and every long, sleepless night that I endure with having two boys on the spectrum with sleep problems; I longed to see and speak to someone who is living like my family. Each and every morning I would be about to break from the lack of sleep. After all, what I witnessed and battled all night long would make most people run away and not look back.  On most mornings my body and mind is craving to see and speak to someone who cares and is understanding.

Therefore, these families become a part of your very special, extended family. It doesn’t matter if you are friends with them or if you simply see a family like yours in a store, you share a special bond. I know I can spot a family like mine when I see them and I always make sure I flash a smile or give them a nod letting them know that I understand.

My boys have had some of the most amazing therapists and coaches since our journey. My family moved from Illinois to Indiana in order for my boys to have the best therapy to meet their needs.  Harsha Cognitive Center, where my boys receive their therapy, is the ying to our yang! I know on most days I am about to break mentally. I am a sleep deprived, autism mom who is doing my best to assure that my boys have the best outcome in life. Therefore, finding my boys the best therapists and coaches is one of the most crucial decisions I can make. I can’t be more satisfied with the ones that I have chosen to have a significant impact on my boys.

On several occasions I would be about to collapse each morning. I would need sleep and a break from autism, even if it was just for a few hours. With that said, knowing that I was leaving my boys with people who care and who want to help them succeed in life means more than words can express. I will never be able to express enough how much Harsha Cognitive Center means to us.

The autism world is made up of families, therapists, and coaches.  We become a part of a special family. No one has more of an impact on their child besides the parents than their coaches and therapists.  The special bond that my boys have with their coaches and therapists is beautiful! We love each and every one of our special, extended family members and we always will! I will always be forever grateful to them for their hard work and dedication that they have to my boys. We were so blessed to welcome our therapist and coaches into our family.
Harsha always gets great pictures of Trenton.

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