Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tactile Sensory Toys

I have wanted to get the boys some tactile sensory toys. However, I thought I would save money and make some tactile sensory items myself.
Andrew went shopping with me and we got our items. I have a box full of pasta. A box full of rice. Another box full of beans. Inside each box has small toys. I am trying to teach the boys to put their hands in the boxes and play with the contents inside. This is a great way for them to get the tactile sensory input that they need daily. The tactile system is required for children to coordinate, organize, discriminate and interpret touch appropriately.
Now, I need to think of some more to make!!!


  1. Taylor does that at school! They have a big table...probably like the size of your Thomas table. However, the top can come off and the teacher changes up what's in it throughout the year. Sometimes it's noodles, beans, sand, etc. She will hide dinosaur bones in it which the kids think is cool!

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