Monday, March 23, 2015

Toilet Training Update!

Toilet training is very frustrating!! It is hard enough for neurotypical kids so you can only imagine how hard it is with autism. All I can say is that I believe we will be many days doing the potty training schedule.As of right now, I am doing a pant check every 15 minutes. We go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Andrew makes a sticker chart when he has dry pants at his checks! He gets nice small chocalate treat if he potty's in the toilet.
 Andrew's behavior problems have got in the way at times. The smallest things will distract him and a few times this past weekend he screamed in the bathroom and refused to get on toilet. However, we did have a lot of successful trips! He peed on the potty a lot. On several occasions he really tried to go but he just couldn't. He even looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Mommy help me." when I was making him sit on the toilet.
All in all, we have a long way to go. Andrew and I will be seeing lots of the bathroom for many, many days ahead.
He had a very successful day at Harsha with potty training today! He had no accidents!! We had no accidents at home today as well!!! Day 3 was a success! I was excited about today. He loves and adores his coaches and I just knew he would be successful there!
 I am so happy that he did not have any accidents today. I do believe it will a while before he is at the point of telling us when he needs to potty on his own which is why I am doing a pant check every 15 minutes and bathroom every 30 minutes right now.

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