Saturday, April 11, 2015

2nd Annual Autism Awareness Baseball Game

What a fantastic day!!! The Flora baseball team hosted their annual autism awareness baseball game. My brother, Brian, is the head coach and he started the tradition last year during autism awareness month. The boys did fantastic!! I was so very proud of them!

I can't put in words the emotions that I felt once again this year. I fought back the tears walking the boys out onto the field. I am very grateful for the amount of respect the boys received from the baseball teams, coaches, fans, and everyone that was there. This was definitely another moment that goes down as one of my favorite moments in life:)

The boys, head coach Uncle Brian Tackitt, Devon (another boy with autism), and the Flora baseball team.

Devon, the teenager with autism, threw the first pitch. Next, was Andrew. Andrew did a fantastic job!

Good throw Little A!!

Trenton's turn! He did the same thing as last year, he walked the ball to the catcher:)

Devon throwing his first pitch!! He did a great job too!

One of my best friends was in town and we got to see each other for just a short while.
Daddy missed all the photos we took before the game. The boys were not in the mood after they threw the first pitch for any pictures but I was able to snap one of Andrew and his Daddy.

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