Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Autism Awareness Activities

Just a few years ago, April was not anything special to me. It was just an ordinary month. I had no idea before autism hit my world that April was Autism Awareness month. To be honest, each month is awareness of some kind of disability, cancer, or disease. How is the public suppose to know of the "tragedy" that hit you or your family unless you bring awareness to the world!

During the month of April I feel a little bit of giddiness. Why? Well, it's when you hear of autism just a little bit more in the news. It is when communities come together and raise awareness through community activities. It is simply when the disability that robbed your child or children of a neurotypical life is talked about in the media  more than the rest of the 11 months. To tell you the truth, it makes you feel great! It makes you feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive. Everyone is listening and hearing about your disability!

I have been told by numerous people in my small town of what a great job I have done to raise awareness of autism since Trenton's diagnosis That means the world to me. It is my mission to raise awareness of autism for the rest of my life. I think back to the people that I knew who had autism or who were raising a child with autism  back when I was clueless and it makes me sick to my stomach that I never once did anything for them. I had no idea what their life was like. NO IDEA!! With that said, I refuse to hide how my boys suffer. The world needs to know about this disease! The world needs to know to make more people appreciative of their own healthy life.

Ever since Trenton's diagnosis I have done everything possible to participate in autism events. Tonight, I want to go down memory lane and share a few pictures from certain events we have attended.

Our first Walk for Autism Speaks in St. Louis in October 2012/
Team Trenton

August 2013 when Trenton was the DQ child. In our town the owners sponsored Trenton and had a blizzard day and raised money for his therapies. It was an excellent time that autism was made aware of  in Flora!

Our blizzard party in honor of Trenton and autism!

Walk for Autism in St. Louis in October 2013
Team Trenton

 Autism balloon launch in Flora in April 2014.

 Autism baseball game in April 2014. Trenton and Andrew threw out the first pitch!

 Walk for Autism in Flora last April.
 Walk for Autism Speaks in St. Louis in October 2014
This year we changed from Team Trenton to Two Brothers One Journey

All of these events were good times and great memories all because of autism!

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