Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bust A Gut!

Andrew cracks me up! Seriously, I bust a gut daily because of him! Some of the things that he says is completely adorable. It is so cute now at his age but I can't help but think what it will be like when he is older and when it is not so cute and inappropriate. Hence, this is why he blends in now and some people have a hard time believing he has autism. However, I know from teaching and being around older kids with autism who have  the ability to talk, that it is not so cute when they are older. However, I won't get into that now. I will enjoy the moment and laugh at him because it is cute and acceptable now:)
People with autism always say what is on their mind. They do not lie. They repeat and use language that others say (we have found this out with Andrew in some bad ways and good ways). Language is very literal to individuals on the spectrum.

Here are some of the things Andrew has said lately.

1. He randomly walked up to a lady at the library two weeks ago and said, "I go to church. I like church." The lady just looked at him and said, "Oh well that's nice."
2. While I was putting on my make-up last week, Andrew walks in on me and says, "Yes Mommy. You are pretty now."
3. I was in the bathroom with Andrew the other day. I had just finished my hair and put on my clothes. Andrew looks at me and says, "No Mommy. Not that hair."
I said, "OK. well should I pull it back?" I pulled my hair back and Andrew said, "Yes Mommy I like that hair with that shirt."
4. I was in his room this morning and picked out his outfit. I showed it to him and said, "This is what you are going to wear today to church."
Andrew wrinkled up is nose and said, "I am not handsome in that shirt."
5. When we were leaving church this morning, I asked Andrew if he had a good time in kids church.
Andrew replies, "I told everyone that I was handsome."
A few seconds later Andrew says, "Trenton is handsome too."
6. Andrew asked me something the other day and I can't remember what he even asked now. Anyway, my reply was, "Maybe one day Andrew."
Andrew said, "If we can't one day maybe two days? Or three days? Or four days?"

I just about lost it when he told me #5 today. He said that because every morning I tell him that he is handsome. I never fail to tell him and Trenton once I get them dressed that they are handsome.

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