Monday, April 13, 2015

Dateline Autism Show- Must Watch

I have heard several times, "It will get better when they get older."
No it doesn't!!! This is one very small proof that when you have a  child with autism, it doesn't get better. The stress is always there!
When most families have things in life to look forward to,  families with autism don't have much to look forward to other than more heartache and stress as the children with autism become adults.

Here is a link to the Dateline's episode on autism last night


  1. What a bloody depressing show! I have just watched the first ten minutes and doubt I'll spend time watching the rest. I refuse to allow myself to fall in despair and give up. My autistic son is now 18 and things have improved for him. He is nowhere near able to live on his own. But there is no rule saying he needs to be and we will continue to work as long as progress is being made. It makes me glad that we chose to homeschool and not depend on the school system. We are used to dealing with autism on our own. Life will be hard, yes. And autism will not go away. But it will not take away my joy. There is always joy to be found as long as we choose to find it. And as long as we can get enough sleep!

  2. Autism is hard but loving them is easy, right?!:) The sad thing about that show is that it is what many families go through when their child turns 21. You are right, we have to find the joy!!! If we didn't....I know I would go crazy! Hope you have a good day!