Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Andrew had a dentist appointment today with our new dentist. The new dentist and staff made a great first impression.
Andrew did FANTASTIC!! I was so proud of him. Taking Andrew to the dentist and doctor is the complete opposite of Trenton. It is truly night and day!
I was really happy when the dentist reported no cavities! I was very worried because Andrew's baby teeth did not form right and he does not have enamel on them which is why he had to have extensive dental work done last August. However, we got a great report today!

He loved the dental office! He received a football for being a first time guest.

 He also went with me to Wal-Mart. He spotted a Cars umbrella right away....guess who had to have it?


  1. Way to go little "A"!! Nana is very proud of you! Hey, you never know when you might need that umbrella!

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  3. Well, isn't that nice? Building a rapport between the dentist and patients will certainly make every checkup and treatment run that much smoother. And a lot of that is hinged upon first impressions. So it’s great that the dentist managed to pull that off quite well, and now your kid is going to be more welcoming towards dental visits. Cheers!

    Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry

  4. It’s good to know that Andrew did very well on his dental visit, and didn’t find it difficult to like the new dentist at the same time. Aside from that, he turned out to be cavities-free, and got himself an awesome football as a token for being a new guest. I say that was a sweet experience for both of you. Thanks for sharing, Angela. Have a great day!

    Isabel Phelps @ Buckhead Dentist