Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

The boys had a good Easter. We spent the weekend with Nana and Pops. First the boys had fun coloring eggs.

Trenton loves colors and he loves eggs. He was so happy and excited. He is doing his excited noises and claps in the above picture.
We also had an Easter egg hunt. The boys caught on what to do right away and they had a blast!

The boys also received some Easter baskets!

On our way to Easter Sunday church! I wished Trenton would have looked up at the camera. I wish Andrew would have smiled but they stopped and posed for the picture and on some days that is all I can ask for!

Trenton has been very sensory seeking lately. He is needing a lot of movement and pressure on his body. The 4-wheeler did the trick for awhile on Saturday. The movement of the ride relaxed him!

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  1. Love these pics! We had a good weekend and I missed you all before you got to the end of our lane!