Thursday, April 23, 2015

Funny things Andrew says!

On some nights when Trenton is up all night he is very calm. Other nights, he is very impulsive and wild which is tonight. I can only watch my child go crazy for so long until I have to do something else....which is why I keep posting tonight!

I was sitting here thinking about Andrew and some of the things he has said lately. He cracks me up!!! I just love it! He has such a special gift of being able to talk! It will never get old listening to him.

Today while we were at the library, he walks up to a random woman and said, " I go to church."
The lady flashed him a smile and said, "well good."
Andrew said in a very serious voice, " I go to church. I like church."

The other day when Andrew was having a bowel movement on the toilet, he looked in the toilet and said, "Mommy I made play doh."
Then, the following day when he was having a bowel movement he said, "Mommy I make snakes."
Ever since then if he needs to go to the bathroom and I catch him in time, he will say, "Let's go make snakes."

Andrew told me the other day, "I have two Mommy's"
I said, "No you don't. Who is your other Mommy."
Andrew says, "Mommy with no make up."

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