Friday, April 17, 2015

Hard at Work!

After our class at the library, Andrew and I got busy working! I didn't get done with everything that I had planned but that is how it goes when I am trying to get some work done while watching Little A.

I love orange lilies! After Andrew and I planted these three that you see in the below picture, he had a huge tantrum. I am guessing he didn't like where I planted the last one....I am not sure but when I turned around from spreading mulch down, Andrew had the tulip in his hands tearing it to shreds while screaming. I am sure the neighbors enjoyed his little fit.
Although his tantrum in our front yard was bad, it wasn't half as bad as the one he had at the library today. Andrew hit two girls on purpose with a toy. One little girl left screaming holding her eye. The first mother was polite about it but the second mother was not. This was after he screamed at a little boy until he left him alone. Andrew's behavior's are getting worse at the library. He use to love to participate in the music makers class on Friday morning. However, for the past month, I can't get him to participate and he will not play appropriately with the other kids. I am positive the other mothers and fathers are starting to talk about Andrew and I.


  1. Love the pictures of you helping your mommy little "A", but sad to hear of the beautiful flowers you tore up!!!!