Monday, April 13, 2015

Ice Cream Mess

I often think how much things would be so much easier if only one of my boys had autism.  It seems like when one is giving me a "break" from their battles is when the other one pulls every ounce of energy and patience from my system.
The past 48 hours it has been Andrew who has shot every nerve in my body. It has been Andrew who has made me feel like I was drowning.

Andrew's behavior problems become more evident when he is not being engaged with or when his perservations become a problem and he can't get past his problem. Perservations  is the repetition of a particular response, such as a word, phrase, or gesture, despite the absence or cessation of a stimulus. Symptoms include "lacking ability to transition or switch ideas appropriately with the social context, as evidenced by the repetition of words or gestures after they have ceased to be socially relevant or appropriate.

Even when there is just one more adult around, Andrew gets more one on one time Thus, this allows his perservations to be lower because he is getting the attention he needs to be pulled out of his autism world. When Andrew is not getting one on one attention, this is when his problems arise.

Our Sunday started off bad with Andrew having problems with persevations from the start. Once this problem starts, it is very hard to control him for the rest of the day. It simply depends on his day. When "new" people are around or people that he is not used to, he is mesmerized by them and his behaviors are minimal.

By the time Sunday night came along,  I wasn't sure I was going to make it through. I did nothing Sunday besides battle Andrew all day long. I even had to leave church early on Sunday because of Andrew, not Trenton....Andrew.

I am surprised we made it back to Terre Haute alive Sunday afternoon. Andrew shouted, cried, and did his shrill scream from Montrose all the way to Terre Haute. I couldn't even concentrate on driving. I pulled over in Casey and thought I would get the boys an ice cream cone. I was hoping that would make Andrew in a better mood and Trenton hardly ever turns down ice cream.

Trenton was excited to get the ice cream. However, the ice cream cone only made Andrew mad. He took his cone and smashed it in his hands.....threw it down on floor and kept screaming, "NO ICE CREAM." Before I knew it Andrew's autistic adrenaline was going high. He got himself half out of his car seat, reached over and grabbed Trenton's ice cream cone....smashed it in his hands...screamed "No ice cream" and threw it down on the ground. Well of course this made Trenton mad and he started crying for his ice cream. I am trying to pull onto the interstate again with semi-trucks going full speed alongside me with two screaming kids in my van who can't quit.

I treated myself to an ice cream cone which  I never do. Therefore, I gave Trenton my cone while trying to talk to Andrew to calm him down. Before I knew what was taking place, the third cone was smashed between his hands and thrown on the floor. There was nothing I could do other than to try to tune out Andrew until we reached home.

Sometimes Andrew can get so upset that it dictates his day. Sunday was just one of those days. Andrew continued to just fuss and cry off and on all evening. He was so upset that he couldn't calm down to go to sleep until 10:00 last night. Last night was one of those evenings where both boys cried and needed my undivided attention to fall asleep. When there is only one Mommy and two crying makes for a very rough night.

Here is our ice cream mess in the van next to the Kindle Fire, shovel, and other items I was bringing back to our house from our property in Flora.
I could talk in much greater detail about Andrew's behavior the last few days. I will spare you of all the details. I am tired and just not in the mood. But I will share this...I found out tonight that people can hear the boys screams when the windows are open. IT appears while we live in this house we will not be able to open the windows. We lived in the country before and it didn't matter if the coyotes heard us....the joys of autism.....
Psalm 34:17 - When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

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